Jurawatt Puts Modules into Operation in Turkey

Pubblicato su 09 feb 2015
HIP Solar 
2015 started out with several 'Big Bangs' for Jurawatt. The first was the commencement of desert technology operations in Turkey.

Jurawatt's CEO Patrick Thoma is convinced that, "We've found our first strong partner in Turkey in the Europe Asia Group." The contracts have been concluded and the first modules have already been delivered. And not only have the modules been put into operation - we've already had enquires about an entire DESERT power plant in Turkey.

Turkey's Aegean region and Central Anatolia both have climatic conditions that pose special challenges to solar modules. With top temperatures of over 40 °C in summer and low temperatures of between -27°C and -45°C in winter, this is the perfect ‘playground‘ for desert technology because it delivers optimum yields, even at permanent temperatures of up to 145 °C, and is PID-free. 

source: Jurawatt
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