Clenergy Completes Its First Project in Vietnam

Pubblicato su 06 ago 2013
Clenergy (Xiamen) Technology 
August 5, 2013 - A Vietnamese automation engineering company recently installed a 100KW PV power project near Ho Chi Minh City. The project includes 432 solar panels mounted with Clenergy's PV-ezRack SolarTerrace III system.

"Clenergy's mature and popular SolarTerrace III product is the most suitable for this project," said Robert Vose, Clenergy's Asia-Pacific Business Development Manager, "SolarTerrace III brings even more convenience to our client with a foldable structure that enhances installation efficiency and ensures the system's strong load ability."

Clenergy's partner with the project commented positively on several aspects of the partnership, noting especially the engineering support and customer service.

After the initial order for racking was dispatched, the client changed the solar panels to one with a larger width. The adjustment meant that the rail lengths of the original mounting system needed to be increased. Clenergy put together a solution, arranging special production and expedited shipment. The new equipment reached the client within time, allowing for on-time completion of the overall project.

"The successful beginning of cooperation between Clenergy and this client also sets the stage for Clenergy's active operations in Vietnam and in South Asia," said Mr. Vose. 

Clenergy is currently in the process of opening a branch office for the Asia-Pacific region.

source: Clenergy
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