Chevron Energy Installs 2.7MW PV Project for Jurupa Unified School District

Pubblicato su 06 set 2012
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Jurupa Unified School District and Chevron Energy Solutions today announced the completion of a 2.7 megawatt solar and energy efficiency program expected to reduce energy costs at 27 school sites and save the District more than $34 million. The project added solar photovoltaic panels mounted on parking and shade structures at nine campuses; replaced 400 air conditioning units, most of them more than 20 years old; and upgraded more than 21,000 lighting fixtures. Coupled with comprehensive energy education curriculum content, the transformative program is designed to inspire students to learn about – and experience – clean energy technologies and concepts.

The program is expected to cut Jurupa Unified School District's electrical utility purchases by 26 percent and reduce carbon emissions by more than 3,463 metric tons, equal to removing about 679 cars from the road.

"Today marks the beginning of a new chapter for environmentally sustainable operations at Jurupa Unified School District – one that allows the community to experience the benefits of clean power without negatively impacting limited resources," said school district Superintendent Elliott Duchon. "We are pleased about the work Chevron Energy Solutions has completed to enable Jurupa Unified School District to bring the benefits of solar energy to our community."

Chevron Energy Solutions designed, engineered and installed the solar system, and will perform operation and maintenance services, as well as guaranteeing the system's performance. The company also implemented energy efficiency improvements to campus heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and lighting systems, which are expected to reduce the District's annual energy consumption, improve lighting quality and aesthetics, reduce maintenance costs and provide consistent indoor climate quality.

"Through this program, Chevron Energy Solutions is helping Jurupa Unified School District demonstrate fiscal and environmental leadership," said Chevron Energy Solutions President Jim Davis. "The District is investing in sustainable programs designed to deliver ongoing value and improve the learning environment for the community's students."

The program completion will be commemorated today at 4:30 p.m. during a dedication ceremony under the solar shade canopies at Patriot High School in Jurupa. Students, district representatives, government, utility and business officials are expected to participate.

As the solar panel manufacturer on the project, Hyundai Heavy Industries is expected to present a check for $54,000 to the District, as part of its Hyundai Community Outreach Program. This contribution will provide funding towards a successful exchange program supporting international relationships, education and learning among Korean and American Students.


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