REC Solar Panels Power the Brussels Production of Audi A1 Cars

Pubblicato su 30 mag 2013
REC Solar 
May 29, 2013: REC supplied almost 10,000 REC Peak Energy Series solar panels for a rooftop installation at Audi's production plant in Brussels, Belgium. 

All electricity produced from the installation will be used for the production of Audi's A1 model. The official opening of the installation took place on, May 28, 2013, and was attended by Günther Oettinger, Commissioner for Energy at the European Commission and Brussels Minister for Energy and Environment Huytebroeck.

"We are very pleased that Eoluz and Eneco have decided to use our high-performing REC Peak Energy Series solar panels for this roof-based installation at AUDI," declares Guido Breens, Business Development Manager Benelux and UK. "Self-consumption directly rewards consumers' efforts to optimize energy consumption. We at REC, see that self-consumption solar installations are on the rise in many European countries. The Audi project in Brussels demonstrates that third party financed solar projects with self consumption on the site are profitable."

Built by REC partner Eoluz, the total solar rooftop installation of 3.6MW, the largest in the Brussels region, is expected to generate more than 3,000MWh of clean, green electricity every year, which will be used entirely by Audi for their assembly lines. The self-produced solar electricity is an essential element for Audi to fulfill the current obligation of sustainable and efficient production of cars. Not only do Audi cars rank among the most environmentally friendly on the market, but the production plant itself for the Audi A1 model also meets the highest environmental standards and is now able to reduce CO2 emissions by 2,200 tons – corresponding to 22 million of car kilometers in one year.

"REC solar panels were selected for this project based on the fact that our previous experiences and installations have affirmed the high quality of REC people and products. Our own test installation with REC Peak Energy Series solar panels at our office reasserted the excellent power output," commented Jan Brouckaert, Managing Director Eouluz. "One additional feature of REC is the low carbon footprint to produce solar panels – they have an industry-leading energy payback time of only one year."

The project was funded by Eneco Belgium, who has set themselves the goal to be the most sustainable energy utility company in Belgium by 2016, producing electricity from renewable energy sources only. "We are delighted that Audi decided to produce energy from the sun, which corresponds to our vision," explained Paul Minjauw, Managing Director Eneco Solar. "We hope that this is the first of many milestones for companies in Belgium deciding to invest in sustainable projects."

Both the Brussels region and Belgium are committed to achieve its climate targets, namely to produce respectively eight and thirteen percent of the electricity generated from renewable energy sources by 2020. For the Brussels region solar energy is therefore one vital component.

source: REC
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