Conergy Builds Further 3.4MW for Private Investor

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Conergy and the B.O.N.E. group around the Northern German private investor Stephan Johannsen are writing a further chapter in their long-lasting solar success story: Just a few months after the inauguration of the 8 megawatt solar park in Grimmen, Conergy built another solar power plant with a capacity of 3.4 megawatt for Johannsen in the artists' village of Worpswede in Lower Saxony. The solar park is an important part of the local project "Energiewende Osterholz 2030" (Osterholz Energy Transition 2030). As general contractor, Conergy is responsible for the design and engineering of the park as well as the construction and the supply of all components. 

Conergy and private investor Johannsen: realised over 25 megawatts of solar power

"Conergy has been collaborating with us on our solar projects as a consistently competent and extremely reliable partner – for free-field as well as rooftop plants," said Stephan Johannsen. "We have already installed over 25 megawatts of solar capacity together. With the power plant in Worpswede, we are jointly expanding our commitment to renewable energies in the region. Conergy is supplying us with everything from a single source and in genuine "Made in Germany" quality, from the components from its own manufacture to the installation. Our experiences with their services have been outstanding and we shall continue putting our trust in them."

Energy transition on the doorstep: local authorities increasingly go for renewable energies

With his investments in four solar parks as well as ten roof-top plants to date, Stephan Johannsen has already progressed far in his personal energy transition. With the Conergy power plant in Worpswede, he is now also supporting the initiative taken by a local authority to make its community independent of finite fossil fuels and nuclear power.

"More and more local authorities are taking charge of the energy transition – from the region for the region," said Stefan Balbierz, Managing Director of Conergy in Germany. "And the local authority of Osterholz has done so as well. It is combining sustainable energy generation with environmental protection on the doorstep, making itself independent of increasing energy prices at the same time. Thanks to its decentralised nature, photovoltaics is ideally suited to this purpose."

Artists' village of Worpswede: clean power for around a third of the inhabitants

On the eight hectare site – an area of the size of ten football pitches – some 14,000 Conergy PowerPlus modules on around 16 kilometres of Conergy SolarLinea mounting systems are producing clean power. Within just a few weeks, Conergy installers laid a total of around 35 kilometres of solar cable across the site, through which the solar power is transported from the modules to the ten Conergy IPG 300C central inverters. These feed the 3.1 million kilowatt hours of solar power into the Worpswede grid every year, sufficient to supply just over a third of the community's inhabitants with clean energy. The green power generated from the sun will also benefit the region's environment. The solar park will prevent the emission of approx. 1,800 tonnes of the damaging greenhouse gas CO2 every year, corresponding to the emissions of almost 900 cars.


source: Conergy
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