GSL Energy Listed in the Grid Support Battery Inverters and Batteries by the California Energy Commission

Pubblicato su 01 feb 2023
GSL Energy 
GSL Energy is delighted to announce that they have been listed in the Grid Support Battery Inverters and Batteries by the California Energy Commission, after obtaining UL1973 approval, which is a great breakthrough.

The California Energy Commission is conducted of five commissioners arranged by both the governor and the Senate. They manage the solar equipment lists which showcase equipment that meets both performance standards and national safety. The California Energy Commission added GSL Energy to its list for its GSL051280A-B-GBP2 Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (GSL Powerwall Battery) and GSL-H-12KLV-US smart solar hybrid inverters.

1. 7.68 kW, 14.34 kWh lithium iron phosphate batteries are on the list.

2. 12 kW, 240 Vac, 10.4 kW, 208 Vac grid support utility interactive hybrid inverters are on the list.

GSL Powerwall Battery

GSL051280A-B-GBP2 is a 51.2V 280Ah 14.34Kwh new generation LiFePO4 Powerwall Battery specially designed for home solar Energy storage systems. It has Grade A cells with over 8500 times cycle life and offers 15 year extended warranty available to increase ROI. Supporting max 16 pieces in parallel connection to increase power up to 229kwh.

It has a 5 inches LCD screen and a built-in intelligent BMS for data monitoring. It has protection functions including over-discharge, over-charge, over-current, and over-high or low temperature. The system can automatically manage the charge and discharge state and balance the current and voltage of each cell.

GSL-H-12KLV-US Hybrid Inverter

GSL-H-12KLV-US is a solar on/off grid hybrid inverter with the optional features of AC 220V single phase, 120/240V split phase, and 120/208V three phases. It includes a completely intelligent and comprehensive management Energy system for multiple connections with abundant safety features such as PV Arc Faut Detection, PV Input Lightning Protection, and Output Over Current Protection among many other safety protection protocols.

GSL smart hybrid solar inverter has been UL approved, suitable for the American market. It has advanced functions, such as multiple operation modes, parallel integration capability, IP65 protection degree, fully programmable settings, and easy installation, which makes it become a great choice for the solar Energy storage systems.

GSL Energy was established in 2006 and has been deeply involved in LiFePO4 batteries for over decades. Providing safe, practical, advanced, and high-quality products to customers all over the world is a mission always presumed by GSL.

source: GSL Energy
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