ZNShine Solar High-Efficiency PV Modules Passed the Brazil INMETRO Certification

Pubblicato su 04 dic 2020
Znshine Solar 
ZNShine Solar new PV Modules has successfully passed the Brazil INMETRO certification. In particular, the high efficiency 425/430w single glass and light-weight double-glass PV modules met the certification requirements.

INMETRO, the Brazilian accreditation body, is responsible for the accreditation of each product Certification Body (CB). Besides, INMETRO defines the products and the respective requirements within this certification scheme. Products manufactured in or exported to Brazil need a CB-issued certificate, stating that the product or family meets the Brazilian requirements.

INMETRO certification rates products from ‘A’ to ‘E’, ZNShine PV modules have been rated as ‘A’. The INMETRO certification is to ensure the energy efficiency of solar photovoltaic modules. The certification ensures the PV modules’ energy efficiency, proving that ZNShine Solar modules’ energy efficiency fully meets the top level of Brazilian photovoltaic module standards.

Despite the impact Covid-19, the PV market in Brazil remained relatively stable in the first half of the year, and the PV installed capacity declined slightly, while the imports of PV modules and inverters increased significantly.

As solar modules export company, ZNShine Solar has continuously increased its distribution in the Brazilian PV market through the continuous promotion of localization strategy and has gained the favor of the local market with its efficient products and high-quality services. In 2020, ZNShine Solar modules are widely used in distributed PV power stations, floating waterpower stations, and large-scale solar power stations.

source: ZNShine
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