GCL SI Supplied Cast-Mono Solar Modules to SB Energy

Pubblicato su 13 giu 2019
GCLSI  SB Energy 
GCL System Integration Technology Co. Ltd has supplied its Cast-Mono solar modules to two green energy projects initiated by SB Energy.

SB Energy has announced that it will build two large-scale photovoltaic power stations in Tochigi Prefecture and Hokkaido featuring solar modules developed and manufactured by GCL System. The two solar power stations are scheduled for grid connection in late 2019.

"We're delighted to offer our technology and new solar products to SB energy, and contribute to Japan's green energy future," said Eric Luo, Chairman of GCL System. "Our cast-mono modules will provide the two sites with high-efficiency power generation and reliability to meet the energy needs of the region."

The 42,000 square meter, privately owned Tochigi site, once completed, will have a photovoltaic output of up to 2.0MW and a grid output of approximately 1.5MW, generating power comparable to the regular electricity consumption of 68 households or around 2,474,000 KWh.

The PV module power output of the 63,000 square meter Hokkaido station is expected to reach 3.1KW, with a grid output of around 2.0MW, generating enough power for up to 1,053 households or 3,792,000 KWh.

The "Cast-Mono Modules" supplied by GCL System combines mono-crystalline cell manufacturing with multi-crystalline ingot casting technology to reach an efficiency of up to 19.4 percent. The module adopts 158.75mm cells. 

The GCL SI "Cast-Mono Modules" are available as 310-325W 60-sheet modules or 375-390W 72-sheet modules.

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