Elettronica Santerno Signed a Supply Contract for 50MW in Italy

Pubblicato su 02 apr 2019
Elettronica Santerno 
Enertronica S.p.A. announces that Elettronica Santerno has been awarded a 50MW framework agreement for the supply of PV inverters in the construction of grid parity plants in Italy.

The supply, which is scheduled for 2020 and has a value of 2.5 million euro, confirms the positive trend of the Italian market in grid parity i.e. in the absence of incentives.

Furthermore, the Group is involved in the Italian market of Permit and Licensing in renewables and has started a division aiming to obtain authorization for the construction of over 300MW authorizations will be sold to third parties, toghter with products and solutions provided by Enertronica Group. The activities associated with the development of the aforementioned constructions will take place over the next three years and could generate revenues up to 10 million euro.

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