REC Solar Dedicates 1.1MW Solar System at Moorpark Wastewater Treatment Plant

Pubblicato su 28 gen 2013
Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions 

January 25, 2013 - REC Solar today joined with AECOM and Ventura County Waterworks District No. 1 to celebrate the completion of a 1.1MW solar energy system at Moorpark Wastewater Treatment Plant. The solar project, which is the largest publicly owned system in Ventura County, will produce over 2,235MWh annually and will meet 75% of the energy needs of the water reclamation facility while helping the District achieve considerable cost savings.

REC Solar designed and constructed the Moorpark solar array, while AECOM provided technical and management support services for Ventura County. In order to meet Ventura County's investment criteria, the project was required to achieve a service life far beyond the typical lifespan for a commercial solar system. REC Solar deployed custom engineering solutions in order to increase the service life far beyond the typical 25-year period, while accounting for the disposal and removal of system components to ensure an environmentally friendly and cost-effective project from start to finish.

Moorpark Wastewater Treatment Plant features an observation deck for Ventura County citizens to learn about the benefits of solar energy. REC Solar and AECOM are working with Ventura County to provide educational materials and signs for visiting school groups and community organizations to learn more about how renewable energy is saving taxpayer money while helping the community become more sustainable.

"This project is a prime example of how the solar industry is evolving to meet a diverse range of customer needs," said Ryan Work, Business Development Manager for REC Solar. "Increased flexibility in the construction, permitting and lifespan of a system is essential to meet varied government requirements. By working closely with both public and private partners like AECOM and Ventura County, we can develop custom systems for any situation and help municipalities start saving taxpayer money with solar today."


source: REC Solar
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