Sunworks与Clean Focus达成合作

Pubblicato su 20 ott 2017
Sunworks, Inc. will construct a solar system for Clean Focus Renewables, Inc. to deliver a one of a kind community solar program for Roseville Electric Utility. The pilot program does not require customers to install solar panels on their own properties.

Roseville Electric Utility selected the Clean Focus / Sunworks partnership to develop, construct, and operate its community solar pilot project which includes the installation of a 1,105 kWdc (960 kWac) fixed-tilt, ground-mount system on about 5 acres of city-owned property.

"Clean Focus is pleased to work with Sunworks in delivering an innovative solar system to Roseville Electric Utility. This community-solar project complements our large portfolio of community solar in other states, and it fits squarely within our sweet spot of large commercial, small utility, and community solar systems. We look forward to owning and operating the system over the next 20 years," said Stanley Chin, President and CEO of Clean Focus.

Sunworks Chief Executive Officer, Chuck Cargile, said, "This innovative program will enable us, in collaboration with Clean Focus Renewables and the city of Roseville, to provide the community with clean affordable energy. We are confident that this pilot program will lead to follow-on projects in partnership with Clean Focus Renewables. This project is yet another key win in our growing public works business, and represents a unique way to expand our addressable market and bring clean, renewable energy to consumers."

source: SUNworks
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