Geco Signed a 1.67MW New Contract to Supply Roof Mounting System

Pubblicato su 07 ago 2017
Foshan Geco Renewable Energy 
Recently, Foshan Geco Renewable Energy Co., Ltd collaborate again with Jiangmen Yuntian Renewable Energy Service company, signed a new contract of 1.67MW, to supply roof mounting systems to a cable factory which is located in Heshan, Jiangmen, Guangdong Province. 

As introduced, 6237pcs solar panels will be installed over the roofs of 3 production workshops, office building and dormitory building. All of the electricity generated will be supplied to the factory, office and living area. The surplus power will be sold to national grid. In order to improve the installation efficiency, Geco has sent 2 professional engineers to give training lessons at the job site.

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