Exten Solar Launched Water Weight Solar Tracker System

Pubblicato su 30 ott 2015
Recently, Exten Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd. announced that the water Weight Solar Tracker System has officially launched in the market. Meanwhile, this system was successfully installed in Thailand.

ExtenSolar water weight solar tracker system, use balanced principle, change water tank weight and the balance with concrete block through adjusting water, so as to adjust the angle of system.

This system has five highlights as following:

1. The main components is trusswork design, such as supporting feet, beam, water tank rod, etc., its advantage is great force, big span, less material and stable structure.

2. Both sides of structure are equipped with buffer, which prevent the wind break the balance of structure to cause collision damage.

3. System rotation use rolling bearing, reduce the rotational friction to make sure system's flexibility.

4. All main parts adopt galvanized surface treatment, strong corrosion resistance and long lifespan.

5. This design uses stable control system, high precision tracking within ±2°.

source: Exten Solar
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