Yuhuan Sunpro Power Co., Ltd.
Qinggang Technological Industrial Zone, Yuhuan, Zhejiang
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No. Personale Impiegato: 200-500

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Descrizione dell'azienda

Sunpro Power is an integrated photovoltaic company focusing on solar cells, modules, mounting and power systems, R&D, production and sales. Our products include solar cells, modules, mounting systems, etc. With strong technical support, scientific production management and strict quality control, all the products reach the industry-leading level and have been approved by the international certification authorities.

The headquarters - Yuhuan Sunpro Power Co., Ltd was founded in Zhejiang province, China in 2008. We are focused on R&D and sales of solar power systems, solar modules and PV system design for customers. We are also developing solar power stations in the domestic market and Sri Lanka and Germany. Everyone in Sunpro Power's team can provide professional consultations to our clients.

Sunpro Power GmbH

In 2018, Sunpro Power decide to do “one step further” for our clients and set our German branch company in Frankfurt. In this way, we were able to provide clients with greater support and service options.

Sunpro Power Poland

In 2019, Sunpro Power decided to make a branch company and warehouse in Poland for better door-to-door services. Local customers could get our feedback the moment they need us.

In 2019, Sunpro Power established a sales office in Shanghai, which helped us double our presence in the local market.

Pursuing New Technology

Sunpro Power continues to upgrade new technologies with more values created for customers - we are able to supply the latest half-cut modules, bifacial modules and 166-mm cells modules and we plan to introduce the modules of up to 500W in 2021. Our purpose is to supply highly cost-effective solar products to benefit our clients.

Besides quality assurance from our own company, we also choose to cooperate with professional insurance corporations to provide customers with the best after-sales service. Now our products are insured by China Pacific Insurance Company and Solarif as an international insurance company.

Protecting the environment is protecting our future. Sunpro Power would like to cooperate with you for a better life for all mankind, for a greener habitat of every living thing in the world.

Dettagli Aziendali
Tipo: Monocristallino
Fascia di Potenza(Wp): 325-605
Alta Efficienza Cristallina
Tipo: PERC, Bifacciale, HJT
Fascia di Potenza(Wp): 350-550
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Production Management Team Since 2008

100% Triple EL test with 24 Megapixel HD Camera

2 GW production capacity

Global warehouse and service centres



  • Mono PERC M12 ...
    585 ~ 605 Wp PERC
  • Mono PERC M10 ...
    530 ~ 550 Wp PERC
  • Mono PERC M10 ...
    440 ~ 460 Wp PERC
  • M10 Hieff Mono...
    530 ~ 550 Wp Monocristallino
  • M12 Hieff Mono...
    530 ~ 555 Wp Monocristallino
  • M12 Hieff Mono...
    585 ~ 605 Wp Monocristallino
  • M10 HIEFF Twin...
    390 ~ 415 Wp Bifacciale, PERC
  • SP-144DS470-480
    470 ~ 480 Wp HJT, Bifacciale
  • SP-120DS390-400
    390 ~ 400 Wp HJT, Bifacciale
  • M6 HIEFF Twin ...
    430 ~ 460 Wp PERC
  • SP655-665-132M12
    655 ~ 665 Wp PERC
  • SP595-605-120M12
    595 ~ 605 Wp PERC
  • SP545-555-110M12
    545 ~ 555 Wp PERC
  • SP540-550-144M10
    540 ~ 550 Wp PERC
  • SP495-505-132M10
    495 ~ 505 Wp PERC
  • SP450-460-120M10
    450 ~ 460 Wp PERC
  • M10 HIEFF Twin...
    390 ~ 415 Wp PERC
  • MONO PERC 350W...
    350 ~ 370 Wp PERC
  • M6 HIEFF Twin ...
    360 ~ 390 Wp PERC
  • Mono PERC SP43...
    435 ~ 460 Wp PERC
  • M10 HIEFF Twin...
    390 ~ 415 Wp PERC
  • Mono PERC M6 H...
    445 ~ 455 Wp PERC
  • M6 Hieff Mono ...
    370 ~ 380 Wp PERC
  • SPDG450-460-12...
    450 ~ 460 Wp PERC, Bifacciale
  • SPDG540-550-14...
    540 ~ 550 Wp PERC, Bifacciale
  • SPDG595-605-12...
    595 ~ 605 Wp PERC, Bifacciale
  • SPDG655-665-12...
    655 ~ 665 Wp PERC, Bifacciale
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