Ningbo Ring Electronics Co., Ltd.
No.867 of Chunhua Road, Wangchun Industrial Zone, Haishu District, Ningbo, China
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Bruce Chen
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Ningbo Ring Electronics Co., Ltd is located in the sub-base of National New Energy and Environmentally Friendly Industrial Area --- Ningbo Wangchun Industrial Zone. Established in March 2008, it is a high-tech enterprise which is engaged in R&D, production, sales and service of photovoltaic products.

After years of development, RING SOLAR now already has brand-new standard workshops, automatic production lines, comprehensive product test methods as well as strict quality control system. In the past years, RING SOLAR has exported its products to Europe, America, Oceania, Africa, Southeast Asia and so on, providing professional, convenient photovoltaic products and technical supports for the customers.

Since its establishment, RING SOLAR has highly focused on corporate image and talent cultivation, constantly devoted to the R&D on new products and new technology, vigorously introduced advanced producing technology and equipment both domestic and abroad, gradually built up a core product system including PV modules, PV systems and PV applications.

RING SOLAR people always carry the vision of "convenience, benefit, green power, a better world", fulfill the mission of "to connect the non-electrical regions with electricity, to benefit thousands of homes with solar power, and let solar power become more convenient". We always fight for the core value of our company and to achieve "mutual creation, mutual development, mutual benefit, mutual sharing, self-sustaining, self-improvement, self-reliance, self-contained".

Dettagli Aziendali
Tipo: Monocristallino, Policristallino
Fascia di Potenza(Wp): 10-550
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Main Products




Special & Small Solar PV Module



  • 0,204 / Wp
    400 Wp Monocristallino
  • 0,204 / Wp
    400 Wp Monocristallino
  • 0,195 / Wp
    450 Wp Monocristallino
  • 0,196 / Wp
    440 Wp Monocristallino
  • 0,188 / Wp
    490 Wp Monocristallino
  • 0,188 / Wp
    500 Wp Monocristallino
  • 0,260 / Wp
    100 Wp Monocristallino
  • 0,247 / Wp
    120 Wp Monocristallino
  • 0,241 / Wp
    150 Wp Monocristallino
  • 0,235 / Wp
    G10M200-72 18V
    200 Wp Monocristallino
  • 0,235 / Wp
    G10M200-72 36V
    200 Wp Monocristallino
  • 0,223 / Wp
    G12M330-72 18V
    330 Wp Monocristallino
  • 0,223 / Wp
    G12M330-72 36V
    330 Wp Monocristallino
Dettagli Aziendali
Tipi di Componenti
Sistemi Solari
Sistemi Solari
Categoria: In Griglia, Fuori dalla Griglia
Potenza Del Sistema (kWp) : 1-20
Tipo Di Sistema: Ground Mount, Pitched Roof, Flat Roof

Sistemi Solari

  • 5000 Wp
  • 10000 Wp
  • 8000 Wp
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