TLH LAB 48V Rack LiFePo4 Battery

Shenzhen Tianlihe Technology Co., Ltd.
A partire da €240 / kWh
A partire da €827 / Unità
Tecnologia Sistema di Accumulo: LFP (LiFePo4)
Capacità Nominale: 50 - 100 Ah
Regione: Cina Cina
Note: La tua Richiesta verrà inviata direttamente a Shenzhen Tianlihe Technology Co., Ltd..


  • 10-30KWh Energy

  • LiFePO4 battery pack

  • Modular, Scalable & Proven Performance

  • Rack-Mount Solar Inverter

  • BMS has protection functions including over-discharge, over-charge, over-current, and high/low temperature

Caratteristiche del Prodotto

Numero Modello
Prezzo (kWh)
€323 / kWh €240 / kWh €242 / kWh
Prezzo (Unità)
€827 / Unità €1.230 / Unità €1.240 / Unità
Sistema di Accumulo Categoria Standalone
Tecnologia Sistema di Accumulo LFP (LiFePo4)
Scheda Tecnica Batteria
Dati Elettrici  
Numero di Celle
3 /Unità 4 /Unità 5 /Unità
Voltaggio Nominale
51,2 V 51,2 V 102,4 V
Capacità Nominale
50Ah@20hr 100Ah@20hr 50Ah@20hr
Corrente di Emissione Massima
100 A 200 A 100 A
Corrente di Carica Massima
50 A 100 A 50 A
Resistenza Interna
10 mΩ 7 mΩ 20 mΩ
Ciclo di Vita 4000@80%DOD
Parametri di Temperatura  
Temperatura di Carica -0 ~ +50 ℃
Temperatura di Emissione -20 ~ +50 ℃
Temperatura di Immagazzinamento -30 ~ +60 ℃
Informazioni Generali  
Dimensioni (L*L*A)
580x445x117,5 mm 580x510x117,5 mm 580x445x117,5 mm
27,5 Kg 50 Kg 50 Kg
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Shenzhen Tianlihe Technology Co., Ltd.

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2nd F., 3 Bldg., Tianhao Industrial Park, Shiyan Town, Baoan Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong
Note: La tua Richiesta verrà inviata direttamente a Shenzhen Tianlihe Technology Co., Ltd..

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Descrizione dell'azienda

A battery, though sometimes overlooked, is a vital component of all tech products. It’s the heart of any machine - it gives it life. With that in mind, a battery should be just as high-quality and dependable as the rest of the product it’s providing power to. TLH is here to help with that. But our mission doesn’t stop with creating quality products.

TLH is a company with heart. We genuinely care about the people we serve, the workers we employ, communities in need around the world, and mother nature herself. The way TLH conducts business reflects that deep-seated care that extends beyond the walls of this company.

Despite providing us with the many advancements and comforts we experience in modern society, the tech industry is notorious for the amount of waste it produces. That’s why TLH is doing its part to develop, produce, distribute, and reclaim tech products responsibly, and to make a difference when it comes to protecting the environment.

TLH is working towards a future with less tech waste and more heart. We hope you’ll join our mission.


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