JAM60D10 330-350/MB

JA Solar JAM60D10 330-350/MB

Nanosun s.r.o.
Tipo: Monocristallino
Fascia di Potenza: 330 ~ 350 Wp
Regione: Ceca Ceca
Note: La tua Richiesta verrà inviata direttamente a Nanosun s.r.o..

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  • Tipo Cella: Monocristallino
  • Dimensione Modulo: 1755x1038x35 mm
  • Peso: 20 kg
  • Dimensione Cella: --
  • Spessore del Vetro: 3,2 mm
  • Pmax: 360 Wp
  • Vmpp: 33,6 V
  • Impp: 10,7 A
  • Voc: 40,7 V
  • Isc: 11,24 A
  • Efficienza: 19,6 %
  • Garanzia Prodotto: 12 Anni
  • Garanzia potenza: 12 anni di 90% Potere Output, 25 anni di 80% Potere Output

Caratteristiche del Prodotto

Numero Modello
JAM60D10-330/MB JAM60D10-335/MB JAM60D10-340/MB JAM60D10-345/MB JAM60D10-350/MB
Garanzia Prodotto 12 Anni
Dati Elettrici in Condizioni Standard  
Potenza Massima(Pmax)
330 Wp 335 Wp 340 Wp 345 Wp 350 Wp
Tensione alla Massima Potenza (Vmpp)
34,82 V 35,08 V 35,35 V 35,57 V 35,79 V
Corrente alla massima potenza (Impp)
9,48 A 9,55 A 9,62 A 9,7 A 9,78 A
Tensione a Vuoto(Voc)
41,1 V 41,38 V 41,65 V 41,92 V 42,2 V
Corrente di corto circuito (Isc)
10,1 A 10,17 A 10,25 A 10,33 A 10,4 A
Efficienza del modulo
19,2 % 19,5 % 19,8 % 20,1 % 20,4 %
Tolleranza sulla Potenza (+)
+ 1,5 % + 1,5 % + 1,5 % + 1,5 % + 1,5 %
  Condizioni di prova standard (STC): massa d'aria AM 1,5, irraggiamento 1000W/m2, temperatura della cella 25 ° C
Dati elettrici con NOCT  
45±2 °C 45±2 °C 45±2 °C 45±2 °C 45±2 °C
  Temperatura di esercizio nominale della cella (NOCT): 800W/m2, AM 1,5, velocità del vento 1m / s, temperatura ambiente 20 ° C
Valutazioni di Temperatura  
Temperatura Operativa -40~85 °C
Coefficiente di Temperatura di Pmax -0,354 %/°C
Coefficiente di Temperatura di Voc -0,272 %/°C
Coefficiente di Temperatura di Isc 0,044 %/°C
Valutazioni Massime  
Tensione Massima di Sistema 1500 V
Tensione Nominale del Fusibile 20 A
Dati Matrial  
Dimesioni (A/L/P) 1711x1005x30 mm
Peso 22 kg
Tipo Cella Monocristallino
Numero Cella 120
Spessore del Vetro 2 mm
Diodi Scatola di Derivazione 3
Protezione Scatola di Derivazione IP 68
Diametro Cavi 4 mm2
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Nanosun s.r.o.

+420 773 007317
Pernerova 697/35 186 00 Praha 8 - Karlín
No. Personale Impiegato: 20
Note: La tua Richiesta verrà inviata direttamente a Nanosun s.r.o..

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Karel Parenica
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Mukuch Karapetian
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Copertura del Servizio
Albania, Armenia, Austria, Bosnia e Erzegovina, Belgio, Bulgaria, Bielorussia, Svizzera, Cipro, Ceca, Germania, Danimarca, Estonia, Spagna, Finlandia, Francia, Regno Unito, Geogia, Grecia, Croazia, Ungheria, Irlanda, Italia, Liechtenstein, Lituania, Lussemburgo, Latvia, Moldova, Macedonia del Nord, Malta, Paesi Bassi, Norvegia, Ucraina, Slovacchia, Slovenia, Svezia, Serbia, Romania, Portogallo, Polonia, Montenegro
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Altmarkt 10 b/d 01067 Dresden

About Nanosun

As a strong partner nanosun offers quality and cost-optimal solutions in photovoltaics with a global presence. We are professionals in wholesale of solar products – solar panels, photovoltaic inverters, storage systems and other equipment from the world's leading manufacturers. We also deliver solar inverters, storage systems, construction and other components from worldwide brands. We are official distributors of Canadian Solar, LG Solar and Sungrow. We sell for the best prices and manage to deliver the goods very quickly and operationally to the desired destination.
We have a great sales team of highly motivated professionals who keep close contact with our customers and keep them happy. We have awesome logistics - we always know exactly where our goods are and we track it. Our customer always know exactly when the goods arrive on the site. We have great warehouse services in the heart of eu on the german, czech and polish borders. With multiple mw on stock reachable to any cee destination within 1 day.
Our customers buy not only high quality solar components and great services from us but a partnership for life.
we are a christian company whos core values are trustworthiness, honesty and humbleness and trough these values we strive to provide the best customer experience and service on the market.


Main Products

Canadian Solar  
Canadian Solar was founded in 2001 in Canada and is one of the world's largest and foremost solar power companies. It is a leading manufacturer of solar photovoltaic modules and provider of solar energy solutions and has a geographically diversified pipeline of utility-scale power projects in various stages of development. Over the past 18 years, Canadian Solar has successfully delivered over 38 GW of premium quality modules to customers in over 150 countries around the world. Canadian Solar is one of the most bankable companies in the solar industry, having been publicly listed on NASDAQ since 2006.




LG's Solar products offer the latest in solar technology that will help your business save money through the unique energy efficient features. LG will revolutionize the way you conduct business.


Customer satisfaction is a Sungrow core value. To this end, all technological innovations for products are centered around real customer needs, not marketing directives. Sungrow covers all power needs from small residential systems to commercial roof-based installations and large solar power plants on land, lakes or even the open sea.


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