GS PV Holdings Group
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Tipo: Monocristallino
Fascia di Potenza: 380 ~ 390 Wp
Regione: Cina Cina
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1.The most mature high efficiency cell technology
2.Larger cell design:Optimized cell size
3.9BB design:The optimum design to increase power output and decrease series resistance
4.Half-cell design:Better suitability to various environments

Caratteristiche del Prodotto

Numero Modello
M6-380 M6-390
Garanzia Prodotto 25 Anni
Garanzia potenza 10 anni di 90% Potere Output, 25 anni di 80% Potere Output
Dati Elettrici in Condizioni Standard  
Potenza Massima(Pmax)
380 Wp 390 Wp
Tensione alla Massima Potenza (Vmpp)
39,8 V 40,34 V
Corrente alla massima potenza (Impp)
9,55 A 9,67 A
Tensione a Vuoto(Voc)
48,05 V 48,61 V
Corrente di corto circuito (Isc)
10,09 A 10,21 A
Tolleranza sulla Potenza (+)
+ 3 % + 3 %
  Condizioni di prova standard (STC): massa d'aria AM 1,5, irraggiamento 1000W/m2, temperatura della cella 25 ° C
Valutazioni di Temperatura  
Temperatura Operativa -40~85 °C
Coefficiente di Temperatura di Pmax -0,36 %/°C
Coefficiente di Temperatura di Voc -0,289 %/°C
Coefficiente di Temperatura di Isc 0,051 %/°C
Valutazioni Massime  
Tensione Massima di Sistema 1500 V
Tensione Nominale del Fusibile 20 A
Dati Matrial  
Dimesioni (A/L/P) 2000x992x40 mm
Peso 22,5 kg
Tipo Cella Monocristallino
Dimensione Cella 156,75×156,75 mm
Numero Cella 144
Tipo Vetro Rivestimento Anti-Riflesso
Spessore del Vetro 3,2 mm
Tipo di incapsulamento EVA
Tipo Back Cover TPT
Tipo di Telaio Lega di Alluminio Anodizzato
Protezione Scatola di Derivazione IP 68
Tipo di Connettori MC4
Sezione del Cavi 4 mm2

Half Cell Module comprises two separated and identical solalr cell arrays, which means the ordinary strings of cells are cut into halves, and these shorter strings compose which has separated current paths. When a module is shaded, only one side shaded array's current will be impacted, while the other array will still be functionally producing power. Under this circumstance, when a module is shaded, the affected working areas of Blade will be 50% less.

By cutting solar cell into halves, the internal power loss will be lower and hot spot effect will also be reduced

GS PV Holdings Group

No. 28, Changkang Road, Mashan Wuhaoqiao Industrial Park, Binhu District, Wuxi, Jiangsu
No. Personale Impiegato: 210
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GS PV Holdings Group specializes in research, development, production, and sales of solar PV products as well as provision of related services and provides customers around the world with high-quality PV products.

Our products range from 30w to 450w mono and poly modules, system integration and OEM/ODM services. The series products and solutions can meet customer requirements on different applications, and are exported to Europe, America, Africa, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia, unanimously praised and trusted by users.

GS PV Holdings Group's annual capacity reaches to 1300MW with full-automatic production line, which help our products follow the standards of TUV, CE, ROHS, and manufacture the products with the quality management system of ISO9001 and environmental management System ISO14001. Our principle is to insist on the mission of improving the energy structure by innovation of technology and improving the quality of human life.


Produzione (MW)/0: 1,300 MWp
Monocristallino, Policristallino
Fascia di Potenza(Wp): 5-450

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