STM 300W-315W

Sky Energy Indonesia
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Tipo: Monocristallino
Fascia di potenza: 300 ~ 315 Wp
Regione : Indonesia Indonesia
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I moduli fotovoltaici ST Serious hanno superato le spcifiche governative nei seguenti test: TUV Certificate, IEC61215, IEC61730, CE, Test di ciclo termico, Test da shock termico, Test ciclo termico/congelamento ed alta umidità, Test d'isolamento elettrico, Test impatto grandine, Test meccanici, vento e carico torcente, Test salsedine.

Caratteristiche del prodotto

Numero Modello
STM300 STM305 STM310 STM315
Dati Elettrici in Condizioni Standard  
Potenza massima(Pmax)
300 Wp 305 Wp 310 Wp 315 Wp
Tensione alla massima potenza (Vmpp)
37 V 37.2 V 37.6 V 38 V
Corrente alla massima potenza (Impp)
8.13 A 8.22 A 8.27 A 8.31 A
Tensione a vuoto(Voc)
45.2 V 45.5 V 45.6 V 45.8 V
Corrente di corto circuito (Isc)
8.74 A 8.76 A 8.8 A 8.82 A
Efficienza del modulo
15.51 % 15.77 % 16.03 % 16.28 %
  Condizioni di prova standard (STC): massa d'aria AM 1,5, irraggiamento 1000W/m2, temperatura della cella 25 ° C
Dati Matrial  
Dimesioni (A/L/P) 1950x992x50 mm
Peso 23.5 kg
Tipo cella Monocristallino
Dimensione Cella 156×156 mm
Numero Cella 72
Tipo vetro Temperato, Alta trasparenza, Basso contenuto di ferro
Spessore del vetro 3.2 mm
Tipo di incapsulamento EVA
Tipo di Telaio Lega di alluminio anodizzato
Certifications, Certificazioni
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About PT Sky Energy Indonesia

Standing in 2008


SKY ENERGY INDONESIA specialize in renewable energy solutions :

Provider of Solar Home System and Solar Panel System for both government programs, public facilities, telecommunications and houses and hotels . Providers of services and care in a backup system based solar panels. Providing services for the planning and development of renewable energy that is most effective for are used . Committed to continue to do " Research and Development Product " in the field of renewable energy for the advancement and benefit of society as well as savings in the future. Specializes in Infrastructure provider with renewable energy solution, production of solar cell 20MW PV Module per year.

Vision & Mission

PT SKY ENERGY INDONESIA is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to the world’s energy issues and making earth a cleaner place by researching and improving technology in order to provide our children and subsequent generations with safe and secure lifestyle.

PT SKY ENERGY INDONESIA wants to make better world with realization green environment and the future will be better tomorrow to our generation. Make the lifestyle of technology back to the nature


Sky Energy Indonesia

Jl. Raya Cicadas No. 258 Gunung Putri 16964, Bogor – Jawa Barat
No. Personale impiegato: 1,000
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Standing in 2008

Joint venture with HITACHI HIGH-Tech Japan, specialized in solar panels manufacturing.

SKY Energy, led by a professional technical team in Solar industry from Hitachi, we have the top outstanding engineering, doing both on-grid and off-grid systems since 2008. We are the biggest solar maker in Indonesia, and the most well-sounded brand for the quality.

SKY Energy, as a rich-experienced exporter, is very flexible to any term of international deals, such as DDP destination port, FOB Jakarta, CIF destination port... we have coworking team in USA located in Long Beach, CA, which can provide the best support to our US customers.

Look forward to your inquiries...


Produzione (MW)/2013: MWp
Monocristallino, Policristallino
Fascia di potenza(Wp): 5-330

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Nurul Sayekti
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Reynita Adiningsih

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