SC Ground Mounting System

Xiamen Antai New Energy Tech. Co., Ltd.
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1. Best price value, applicable for low wind speed region
2. Ground screws and concrete foundations optional
3. Components simplify for easy installations
4. Ecological and low-maintenance for entire life span

Caratteristiche del Prodotto

Numero Modello
SC Ground Mounting System
Garanzia Prodotto 10 Anni
Panoramica del Sistema  
Tipo Montaggio al Suolo
Incorniciatura del Pannello Incorniciato, Non incorniciato
Orientamento del Pannello Ritratto, Paesaggio
Angolo d’inclinazione
0-60 °
Resistenza al Vento
144 km/h
Informazioni Generali  
Materiali della Struttura di Supporto Alluminio, Acciao Inossidabile
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Product Introduction

Antaisolar SC ground mounting system is the most simplest and easy solutions designed for ground mount installations. There is no joint components between supporting beam and bracing, which makes the installation more simple and save labor time. Made of aluminum, the system is an extremely anti-corrosion during its entire life span. It's the lowest cost one of ground mount system while the other requirements are satisfied. The design goes through strict calculation and analysis to ensure its strength and durability.

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Xiamen Antai New Energy Tech. Co., Ltd.

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Antaisolar is one of the largest photovoltaic mounting system providers in China. Established in 2006, Antaisolar has accumulative mounts shipment over 3GW.

Antaisolar designs, manufactures and distributes a range of mounting systems, which satisfies the needs of residential, commercial and utility scale customers. Antaisolar's products and solutions are marketed and distributed through a worldwide network of strategic partners and distributors.

The name Antai is translation of security and stability in Chinese. In photovoltaic installations which last over decades, in locations where wind and weather posing challenge, solid reliability is essential.

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