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Strati: Tedlar(PVF) / PET / PE
Regione: Cina Cina
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FPE-350B has high EVA adhesion performance. It can prevent the breaking and bubbles between the batteries and the backsheet. With the outstanding water vapor impediment nature, it also increase the service life of the batteries.

Caratteristiche del Prodotto

Caratteristiche del Prodotto  
Strato Esterno (Aria) Tedlar(PVF)
Spessore Dello Strato Esterno (Aria) 25 µm
Strato Intermedio 1 PET
Strato Intermedio 1 Spessore 250 µm
Strato Interno (Cella) PE
Strato Interno (Cella) Spessore 60 µm
Spessore Totale 347±10 µm
Larghezza 993 mm
Colore Dello Strato Esterno (Aria) Bianco
Colore Dello Strato Interno (Cella) Bianco
Caratteristiche Meccaniche  
Carico di Rottura (Lunghezza/DM) 110 Mpa
Carico di Rottura (Larghezza/DT) 110 Mpa
Allungamento (Lunghezza/DM) 150 %
Allungamento (Larghezza/DT) 120 %
Resistenza Allo Scollamento Degli Strati ≥5 N/cm
Resistenza al Distaccamento (EVA - Backsheet) ≥80 N/cm
Contrazione Termico (Lunghezza/DM) ≤1,5 %
Contrazione Termico (Larghezza/DT) ≤0,5 %
Tasso Di Traspirabilità Del Materiale (MVTR) ≤2 g/m2al giorno
Caratteristiche ottiche e termiche  
Tensione Di Scarica Parziale ≥1000 VDC
Tensione Di Rottura ≥18 kV

About Lucky Film:

Lucky Film Co., Ltd. has maintained the technology advancement in recent years,  captured market opportunity,  and adjusted the developmental strategy for the industrial structure. Lucky Film Co., Ltd. has fully integrated the three core technologies of the enterprise in the field of coating, film and particles to set up the solar module backsheet production line of international advanced level.  The product-Lucky solar module backsheet is going to be used as the backing material of the solar module.

This new solar module backsheet with self intellectual property is developed by the R&D team leading by Ms.Zou Jing, the academician of Chinese Academy.

Research, Development & Production:

Customer Service & Support:

1. Stable and timely supply guarantee

2. Provides the appropriation products according to the customer request (specification, thickness, tint, etc.)

3. Technical support

Testing passed and Certificates:

Lucky Film Co., Ltd.

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