Power-One Inc.

Power-One Inc.

740 Calle Plano, Camarillo, California. 93012
+1 805 9878741
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Inverter, Monitor
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We use the Aurora model because we didn’t have any problem with that model since we have been using it. We are really happy with the product and the brand.

-- Australian Solar Industries Pty. Ltd.

We use these inverters on our installations because we think is a good brand, we didnt have any problems so far with that product, and we think it is a reliable company.

-- Click Control Systems

We found the Aurora line to be a very good product. We have been using these inverters for some time and we hardly had any problem with them. We think is a high quality product. We had used some other brands and we found them quite noisy while the Aurora inverters are more quiet.

-- Solartec Renewables

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