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Ecoprogetti Srl
Descrizione dell'azienda

Dal 1998 l'azienda italiana Ecoprogetti srl studia, progetta e realizza macchinari e linee di produzione chiavi in mano per il fotovoltaico. Questi servizi vengono eseguiti nei nostri stabilimenti, con il vantaggio di avere un unico interlocutore dal momento della commissione a quello dell'assistenza post-vendita. La nostra esperienza ci permette di offrire un ampio ventaglio di servizi, che non si limita alla sola parte dedicata alla fabbricazione di moduli fotovoltaici o linee di produzione, ma che comprende una serie di interventi volti a garantire un supporto completo, professionale e tempestivo. Nello specifico, ci occupiamo di:

- Linee di produzione moduli fotovoltaici;

- Macchinari per l'assemblaggio moduli;

- Macchinari per il test di moduli fotovoltaici;

- Consulenze sul processo e sulla certificazione

Dettagli Aziendali
Tipo di Apparecchiature
Macchine per la Produzione di Celle: Dispositivo Testatura Celle
Macchine per la Produzione di Pannelli Cristallini: Linea di Produzione Chiavi in Mano, Simulatore Solare per Pannelli, Pulitura del Vetri, Tabbatrice&Stringatrice, Apparecchiature per Saldatura, Stringatrice, Tabbatrice, Laminatore, Fornace di Indurimento, Cell Laser Scriber/Cutter, Cell Mechanical Cutter, Incorniciatore, Linea Assemblaggio, Tagliaribbon, Fornace a Flusso per Ribbon, Dispensatore Silicone, Sistema Manipolazione Pannelli, Produzione Automatizzata Line, Natro Trasportatore, Stazione Lay-up, EL Tester, Insulation Resistance & Withstanding Voltage Tester, Environmental Test Chamber, Macchina per Taglio/Manipolazione Pellicole
Macchine per la Produzione di Pannelli a Film Sottile: Simulatore Solare per Film Sottile, Dispositivo Incisione Laser Film Sottile, Thin-film Mechanical Scriber
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500MW Turn-key PV Panel Manufacturing Line
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Made in Italy

All Ecoprogetti production solutions are thought, designed, assembled and tested in Ecoprogetti's headquarters in Carmignano di Brenta, Italy. With an R&D centre inside the company and extensive practical experience of more than 20 years in the whole PV production process, Ecoprogetti is the leader developer of PV module production solutions, from stringer machines to testing equipment.


Ecoprogetti machines are ready for bigger solar cells!

The photovoltaic market is constantly offering new wafer sizes so that the term “standard” can no longer be a defined size.
Since mid-2019 the growth trend of solar wafers, cells and panels were clear to us in Ecoprogetti, so we adapted our production lines to these new bigger, heavier and more efficient solar cells and panels.

With Ecoprogetti's production lines you can already produce panels with these PV cells, including all the half-cut and triple-cut sizes.

  • G1 = 158.75 x 158.75 mm

  • M4 = 161.75 x 161.75 mm

  • M6 = 166 x 166 mm

  • M10 = 182 x 182 mm

  • M12 = 210 x 210 mm

Ecoprogetti has been realizing custom and prototype machines for over 20 years and this experience joined with a smart approach minimizes the risks behind a new customized machine. In Ecoprogetti, we apply the same concepts, systems and automation that have already been consolidated and we simply adapt them to the new project.

Ⅰ. Complete Turnkey PV Module Production Lines

Ecoprogetti machines are designed, developed and assembled completely in Italy, starting from the idea of the best quality PV module to the manufacturing solution that can produce it.

The equipment and the turnkey lines can be customized according to customers' requirements, and thanks to Ecoprogetti’s global service network, expert technicians are always nearby and can provide service and support with the shortest lead times. PV equipment, installations, certified training, know-how transfer, raw material support, and certification support are the activities that Ecoprogetti provides for you to produce high-quality PV modules.

Ⅱ. Stringer Machines, high speed and high flexibility

Ecoprogetti high throughput stringer machines are designed to carry out the best performance for their specific activity and are used by the world's major solar module manufacturers in the production of solar cell strings.

The tabber and stringer machines designed and produced by the Italian company are fully automatic with a patented and innovative hybrid soldering system which allows soldering of the PV cells without thermal stress. Ecoprogetti has delivered more than 500 Stringer machines worldwide - with the highest flexibility and process stability.

Ⅲ. Layup Systems

Ecoprogetti layup stations and robotic islands are designed to simplify and improve the layup of the strings on the glass.

High-speed layup systems with great accuracy and integrated with quality inspection controls.

Ⅳ. Automatic Encapsulant / Backsheet Foil Cutter

Ecoprogetti produces automatic film-cutting machines for Encapsulants (EVA/POE/...) and backsheet that can work both in-line and offline.

As optional, the ECOCUT 10 can also prepare the incision for the ribbon exit, as automatic loading and unloading of the material over the glass.

Ⅴ. Electric Laminators

Fully automatic solutions for the lamination of photovoltaic modules. The machine can be configured in different ways regarding size, single step, double step, with belts and or with buffers.

The lamination cycle permits the use of ultra-fast cure EVA. ECOLAM is capable to laminate not only standard photovoltaic modules but also particular architectonic modules with prismatic glass, double glass, transparent back sheet and flexible modules.

The lamination cycle is automatic and controlled by a PLC. The operator interacts with the programming through the touch screen where it is possible to control the cycle to see the temperature and the vacuum values.

Ⅵ. Testing and Quality Control Equipment

PV module production does not end with the manufacture of the single panel but continues with the testing procedures.

Among the activities for the measurement and testing of the modules we find:

● Electroluminescence test: one of the most important tests, necessary to identify otherwise invisible defects such as microcracks and possible welding problems and moisture effects.

● Hi-pot and insulation test: developed to comply with the IEC 61215/61730 and check the module's electrical insulation.

● Sun simulation, I-V curve measurement: performed in the standard irradiation conditions (STC) and allows for analysis in post selling the power loss of the installed modules or measurements taken by the client.

● Gel content test kit: the classic chemical test on the laminate module for the measurement of the gel percentage achieved by EVA.

We inspire confidence in a changing world

Solar cells and panels are growing bigger and more efficient, Ecoprogetti, as the supplier of complete testing machines, is ready to drive you into the future of PV panel production and testing.

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or contact us directly at: [email protected]

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Ecoproggeti is a company that we are really happy with. They have great values and customer service, and the product quality is amazing. The product features are also great, and the delivery is always fast. After sales support is also fantastic, and they always go above and beyond to make sure I am happy with my purchase. I would highly recommend Ecoprogetti to anyone!
-- Neeraj Tiwari, Pixon Green Energy Private Limited
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