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Einnova Solarline, China Jiangsu International Group
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Categoria: Fuori dalla Griglia
Tipo: Tetto Spiovente
Regione: Cina Cina
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1. High performance in power generation
2. Reliable and durable for long-time running
3. Applicable for various areas, either with or without access to local power grid
4. Lightweight, portable and easy for installation& maintenance
5. Specifically designed to cater for requirements from different clients

Caratteristiche del Prodotto

Numero Modello
ES-100W Off-grid ES-400W Off-grid ES-1080W Off-grid
Potenza Del Pacchetto
100 Wp 400 Wp 1080 Wp
€64,6 / Set €259 / Set €698 / Set
Specifiche dei Pannelli  
Numero Pannelli
1 4 4
Potenza Pannelli
100 Wp 100 Wp 270 Wp
Tipo Di Pannelli
Policristallino Policristallino Policristallino
Specifiche degli Inverter  
Numero Inverter
1 1 1
0,195 kW 4 kW 6 kW
Specifiche Del Sistema Di Montaggio  
Tipo Di Sistema Di Montaggio
Tetto Spiovente Tetto Spiovente Tetto Spiovente
Specifiche Batteria  
Numero Batteria
1 2 2
Capacità Batteria
50 Ah 100 Ah 200 Ah
Diametro Cavi 4 mm²
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Product Feature

About Einnova Solarline

Einnova Solarline is one of the leading manufacturers of solar products in China. As a dedicated solar business division under the ownership of China Jiangsu International Group Ltd, Einnova Solarline continually works hard to supply the best cost to value and high quality products to our clients worldwide.

With the fast growing of solar industry worldwide in the last decade, Einnova Solarline actively develops and manufactures various types of solar modules and mounting systems, as well as provides solar system kits.

Thanks to our traditionally strong management in whole supply chain, manufacturing technology, and professional expertise in R&D, Einnova Solarline is able to supply the best quality solar products applied in different harsh environments worldwide. 

To bring the next generation a brighter, healthier and cleaner future is the mission we will pursue for a life time! Einnova Solarline devotes itself to supplying the world with clean, affordable and easily accessible solar energy.




Project Picture




Einnova Solarline, China Jiangsu International Group

No. 5 West Beijing Road, Nanjing 210008, Jiangsu
No. Personale Impiegato: 15.000
Società Capogruppo: China Jiangsu International Economic Technical Cooperation Corporation (CJI)
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Established in the year of 1980, China Jiangsu International Economic and Technical Group Ltd. is one of the biggest top 500 state-owned companies in China. With its long history and rich experience in international business, project contracting and manufacturing; China Jiangsu International Economic and Technical Group Corp. has well severed customers in more than 100 countries, with international branch companies spread in more than 30 countries. Total assets reach 10 billion USD, and employment worldwide reaches 20,000 staff.

It’s continually ranking top 225 ENR international biggest contractors since the year of 2000, constructed many high quality of building and infrastructure projects located in USA, Japan, Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Asia regions.

China Jiangsu International Group Ltd. aims to be one well-known international contractor, supplier and server in the World!

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Emma Wu
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Lionel Darricau

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