FU320-330M Next

FuturaSun srl
Tipo: PERC
Fascia di Potenza: 320 ~ 330 Wp
Regione: Italia Italia
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• 15-year product warranty
• Bigger high-efficiency PERC cells optimized for low irradiance, decrease ohmic losses and increase the yield
• Increased power up to 10% on standard dimensions
• Higher yield at low irradiance
• For installations up to an altitude of 7000 m
• Maximum resistance against hail (83 km/h)
• Quality control with electrol

Caratteristiche del Prodotto

Numero Modello
FU 320 M FU 325 M FU 330 M
Garanzia Prodotto 15 Anni
Garanzia potenza 25 anni di 87% Potere Output
Dati Elettrici in Condizioni Standard  
Potenza Massima(Pmax)
320 Wp 325 Wp 330 Wp
Tensione alla Massima Potenza (Vmpp)
33,68 V 33,93 V 34,17 V
Corrente alla massima potenza (Impp)
9,51 A 9,58 A 9,66 A
Tensione a Vuoto(Voc)
41,24 V 41,44 V 41,66 V
Corrente di corto circuito (Isc)
9,88 A 9,96 A 10,04 A
Efficienza del modulo
19,18 % 19,48 % 19,78 %
Tolleranza sulla Potenza (+)
+ 3 % + 3 % + 3 %
Tolleranza sulla Potenza (-)
- 3 % - 3 % - 3 %
  Condizioni di prova standard (STC): massa d'aria AM 1,5, irraggiamento 1000W/m2, temperatura della cella 25 ° C
Dati elettrici con NOCT  
Potenza Massima(Pmax)
235,11 Wp 238,6 Wp 242,29 Wp
Tensione alla Massima Potenza (Vmpp)
30,48 V 30,71 V 30,92 V
Corrente alla massima potenza (Impp)
7,71 A 7,77 A 7,84 A
Tensione a Vuoto(Voc)
38,04 V 38,22 V 38,43 V
Corrente di corto circuito (Isc)
8,12 A 8,19 A 8,26 A
45 °C 45 °C 45 °C
  Temperatura di esercizio nominale della cella (NOCT): 800W/m2, AM 1,5, velocità del vento 1m / s, temperatura ambiente 20 ° C
Valutazioni di Temperatura  
Temperatura Operativa -40~85 °C
Coefficiente di Temperatura di Pmax -0,389 %/°C
Coefficiente di Temperatura di Voc -0,273 %/°C
Coefficiente di Temperatura di Isc 0,0344 %/°C
Valutazioni Massime  
Tensione Massima di Sistema 1000 V
Massima corrente inversa 20 A
Dati Matrial  
Dimesioni (A/L/P) 1665x1002x35 mm
Peso 18,4 kg
Tipo Cella PERC
Numero Cella 60
Tipo Vetro Temperato, Alta Trasparenza
Spessore del Vetro 3,2 mm
Tipo di incapsulamento EVA
Tipo di Telaio Lega di Alluminio Anodizzato
Diodi Scatola di Derivazione 3
Protezione Scatola di Derivazione IP 68
Tipo di Connettori MC4
Lunghezza del Cavi 900 mm
Scarica Il PDF Del Produttore

FU320-330M Next

NEXT is a new series of high-efficiency monocrystalline PV modules with 60 full-square cells, available with power up to 330 Watt. The NEXT module (1002 x 1665 mm) varies only by 1 cm compared to FuturaSun traditional modules but with an increase in power of up to 10%. The distances between the cells are slightly larger to improve the albedo, i.e. the reflecting power of a surface. 

About FuturaSun

FuturaSun was established in 2008 by a team of managers in Veneto, Italy’s hub of the photovoltaic industry.

However, FuturaSun is not one of those many solar companies which enjoyed extremely rapid growth during the years of photovoltaic boom: we actually started our company just at the time when the first signs of the sector’s decline began to show in Italy, only to plummet in the subsequent years. So while several big players disappeared from the photovoltaic scene, FuturaSun has continued along its journey of growth, initially taking small steps and gaining momentum later.

Why is this? Perhaps because we really like challenges and we are a company which bucks the trend. Unlike other Italian solar companies, we immediately oriented ourselves towards foreign markets. Today we sell in over 70 countries , and have achieved double-digit sales growth year on year.

Offices and Logistics

The FuturaSun headquarters are located in Cittadella, Padua Province in the north of Italy .

We have additional sales offices in the UK, Germany, Romania  and Uganda .

Thanks to our warehouses in Italy  and in the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, we are able to guarantee an effective and rapid logistics service  for all our customers in Europe. You can order full containers or even single pallets, because material is always available at our warehouses in Italy.


Our main production plants in Asia, directed by Alessandro Barin (CEO), are located in Taizhou and Maanshan and have an annual production capacity of 500 MW/year.

Our solar panels are produced on a 20,000 m2 site, with a highly automated line, with rigid quality controls implemented throughout the entire process, to guarantee maximum quality and traceability for every single item. We also have other production plants located in Europe.



FuturaSun srl

Via Riva del Pasubio, 14 - 35013 Cittadella (PD)
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FuturaSun, fondata nel 2008, ha sede a Cittadella (PD), nel cuore del distretto italiano del fotovoltaico. L’azienda è specializzata nella produzione di moduli altamente performanti certificati con i più severi test di qualità in laboratori di tutto il mondo. Presente in più di 70 Paesi, dispone di stabilimenti produttivi in Europa e in Asia con una capacità di 500 MW/anno.


Produzione (MW)/0: MWp
Monocristallino, Policristallino
Fascia di Potenza(Wp): 180-350

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