Plastic roof support system (BC-006L)

Bosch (XiaMen) New Energy Ltd.
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Regione: Cina Cina
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  • Tipo: Terra
  • Garanzia Prodotto: 10 Anni
  • Angolo d’inclinazione: 0-60 °
  • Resistenza al Vento: 216 km/h
  • Resistenza alla neve: 1,4 kg/m2
  • Materiali della Struttura di Supporto: Alluminio, Acciao Inossidabile
  • Piccoli componenti: Alluminio, Acciao Inossidabile
  • Orientamento del Pannello: Paesaggio
  • Incorniciatura del Pannello: Incorniciato, Non incorniciato
  • Peso: --

Caratteristiche del Prodotto

Numero Modello
Garanzia Prodotto 15 Anni
Panoramica del Sistema  
Tipo Tetto Piano
Disposizione dell’istallazione File
Incorniciatura del Pannello Incorniciato, Non incorniciato
Orientamento del Pannello Ritratto, Paesaggio
Tipi di Tetto Calcestruzzo, Giunture metalliche, Bitume, Acciao, Alluminio, Fibra di calcestruzzo
Pendenza del Tetto
0-5 °
Angolo d’inclinazione
1-18 °
Inclinazione Massima del Terreno
7 °
Resistenza al Vento
200 km/h
Resistenza alla neve
1350 kN/m2
Informazioni Generali  
Dimensioni dell’istallazione (L*S*A)
4158x1934x423 mm
Materiali della Struttura di Supporto Alluminio, Acciao Inossidabile, Acciao Zincato
Materiale dei Piccoli Componenti Alluminio, Acciao Inossidabile, Acciao Zincato, Polietilene

Bosch (XiaMen) New Energy Ltd.

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No.505 Xi Ke Street, Tongan District, Xiamen, Fujian
Note: La tua Richiesta verrà inviata direttamente a Bosch (XiaMen) New Energy Ltd..

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Huang Jane
Descrizione dell'azienda
BOSCH New Energy was established in 2014, which is committed to be a products & solutions provider of floating solar PV power station. Its products have passed ISO, SGS, TUV, IEC, CPVT, etc. along with many innovation patents. The company will make continuous efforts to innovate, research and produce more low-cost green energy products, and promote the development of PV industry.
Dettagli Aziendali
Tipi di Componenti
Sistemi di Montaggio, Attacchi Tetto, Viti a Terra, Sistemi Solari, Scrigno per Batteria
Sistemi di Montaggio
Tipo: Struttura triangolata, Tetto, Posto auto coperto, Flottante


We used their solar floating system on our latest solar project and it cut the installation time in half! Instead of it taking 2 to 2 1/2 days, we finished in just 1 day. I'm truly amazed!

-- , DMH Solar

I recommend using Bosch Floating Mounts They work great and make it very easy to install solar panels.

-- , La Mia Energia

Thanks for providing the info on solar power which we found very useful to get our head around our particular needs. We did proceed with a 5 kW system comprising 15 Sunpower panels installed.


The folks at Bosch (XiaMen) New Energy Ltd. are top-notch people to work with. Everybody from the sales team to the install team were absolutely professional and courteous. No one ever pressured me into buying and everybody answered any question I had. I would recommend Bosch (XiaMen) New Energy Ltd. to anybody.

-- , Sharenergy

I was extremely pleased with my service withBosch (XiaMen) New Energy Ltd. The installation went smoothly and was completed in a timely manner and has exceeding our expectations for solar production. I would highly recommend Bosch (XiaMen) New Energy Ltd. in the future.

-- , HD Fotovoltaica

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