Mounting System for Tiled Roofs

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● The mounting system is designed, studied and certified in accordance with Eurocodes 1 and 9 (wind speed up to 33m/s)
● Easy and fast assembly of mounting systems
● All joints are using bolts and nuts
● Ability to overcome the thermal expansion through special patents
● Adjustable to each project's needs

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Mounting System for Tiled Roofs
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Tipo Tetto Piano
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Tipi di Tetto Giunture metalliche
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Materiali della Struttura di Supporto Alluminio

Advantages of Metaloumin PV mounting systems: 

 - The company’s 45 years experience in aluminium production.

 - Product R&D carried out by highly skilled engineers with excellent problem solving ability.

 - Optimum technical and economical solution sought and provided.

 - Mounting structures applicable to any type of panel (crystalline or thin-film) and produced vertically from raw material to end product ready to install.


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