Huawei Technologies SUN2000-33/40KTL

Runtech China Co.,Ltd
A partire da €0,0118 / Wp
A partire da €471 / Unità
Tipo: In Griglia
Fascia di Potenza: 40 kW
Regione: Cina Cina
Note: La tua Richiesta verrà inviata direttamente a Runtech China Co.,Ltd.

Prodotto Alternativo

BG 40-70kW

INVT Solar
  • Tipo: In Griglia
  • Garanzia Prodotto: 5 Anni
  • Classe di Protezione: IP65
  • Dimensione: 810x645x235 mm
  • Peso: 53 kg
  • Max. CC Potenza: 55 kW
  • Max. CC Tensione: 1100 V
  • Max. CC Corrente: 74 A
  • Campo di Tensione MPP(T): 570~950 V
  • Numero di MPPT trackers: 1
  • Max. AC Potenza: 44 kW
  • Frequenza: 50,60 Hz
  • Efficienza massima: 98,9 %
  • Efficienza Euro: 98,5 %
  • Fasi di Alimentazione: 3

Caratteristiche del Prodotto

Numero Modello
SUN2000-33KTL SUN2000-40KTL
40 KW 40 KW
€482 / Unità €471 / Unità
Ingresso Dati (CC)  
Max. CC Tensione
1000 V 1000 V
Min. CC Tensione per iniziare Alimentazione
250 V 250 V
Max. CC Corrente
88 A 88 A
Campo di Tensione MPP(T)
200~1000 V 200~1000 V
Numero di MPPT trackers
4 4
Ingresso CC
8 8
Uscita Dati (CA)  
Max. AC Potenza
40 kW 40 kW
Potenza Nominale CA
36 kW 36 kW
Voltaggio AC Massima
230 V 230 V
Max. AC Corrente
60,8 A 60,8 A
Corrente AC Massima
54,6 A 54,6 A
50, 60 Hz 50, 60 Hz
Fattore di potenza (cosφ)
0,8 0,8
Distorsione armonica (THD)
< 3 % < 3 %
Efficienza massima
98,9 % 98,9 %
Informazioni Generali  
Dimensioni (A/L/P)
550x930x283 mm 550x930x283 mm
62 kg 62 kg
Temperatura Ambiente di Funzionamento -25 ~ +60 ℃
Trasformatori Senza Transformatore
Classe di Protezione IP65
Umidità 0-100 %
Raffreddamento Naturale
Max. Altitudine 4000 m
Interfaccia RS 485, USB, Bluetooth
Display LED
Caratteristiche di Protezione  
Caratteristiche di Protezione Protezione Anti Isola (ENS), Protezione da Sovracorrente, Protezioni contro le Sovratensioni, Isolamento di Monitoraggio

Runtech China Co.,Ltd

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15A, Maike Business Center, No. 12, Jinye Road, High-tech Zone, Xi'an, 710065
No. Personale Impiegato: 30
Società Capogruppo: Runtech Group
Note: La tua Richiesta verrà inviata direttamente a Runtech China Co.,Ltd.

Contatti Utili

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Jack Wong (TS oversea)
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LuLu (Japan Area)
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Vivian (South Asian)
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Cynthia (Americas)
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Murphy Ma (CN Mainland)
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Prithvi Sagar (South-East Asia)
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Ibrahim EI Desouky (Middle east area)
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Valentina Sofia (Europe Area))
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George (Africa Area)
Dettagli Aziendali
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Copertura del Servizio
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Inglese, Cinese
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Runtech Group

Aggiornamenti delle Compagnie

26 nov 2021

Runtech China Co.,Ltd ha lanciato il piccolo pannello monosolare da 100W, dimensione: 1200*540*30mm / 120W, dimensione :1000*670*35mm e 150W, dimensione: 1480*670*35mm. Benvenuto all’ordine.

19 nov 2021

Runtech partecipa all’esposizione mondiale sull’industria solare fotovoltaica di Guangzhou 2021.Nel frattempo, Runtech ha lanciato la nuova generazione 2,5kwh /5Kwh off/on -grid energy storage system.

01 nov 2021

Runtech China Company adotta 800 kW canadesi moduli solari e Huawei inverter, che è stato collegato con successo alla rete sul tetto distribuito di Ordos Development Zone di recente.

05 ago 2021

Runtech, Range of 200w to 280w Mono Ottenuto il marchio CE e certificato.Benvenuti all'ordine da noi sul pannello solare.

04 ago 2021

Runtech ha fornito il gruppo Canandian Solar 450W per la rete statale (gansu) sul progetto solare 5MW, è stato un successo oggi.

29 lug 2021

Runtech Vietnam ha ottenuto il credito degli USA $10 milioni dalla Banca Nazionale del Vietnam per lo sviluppo del progetto BIPV.

25 giu 2021

Runtech China Co.,Ltd ha lanciato il sistema di stoccaggio di Residence 5 Kwh-30 Kwh.

02 giu 2021

Runtech e la città di yulin stipuleranno un progetto di case solari da 10MW.

Uffici Addizionali

Via Angelo Moro 53 20097 San Donato Milanese MI Italy
+81 7026477257
北海道札幌市中央区北3条西17丁目2番地31 アームズ美術館通1-602号 060-0003
+65 87669416
30 Cecil Street #19-08 Prudential Tower 049712 Singapore
+234 8023504087
No 4 Kehinde Aderinokun Street, Puposola Area , Abule Egba Logas State, Nigeria
15A , Maike Business Centre , Jinye Road, Xian China

About Runda Group

We set our foot into the energy industry of non-ferrous metal and chemical raw materials in 2002,  then worked on the solar energy application system and solar energy application field in 2005. Runda has organized a high quality team of research & development and international management and got several independent intellectual property rights on solar photovoltaic power generation, solar lighting electric control technology and the solar energy application core technology. We have built up long term technical cooperation and communication with some well-known solar energy research institutes in the leading position in the solar energy industry.


To create value for customers; to create chance for staff; to create returns for investors; to create future for our society.

Responsibility to customers
Our achivement and benefit is decided by the quantity, quality and customer satisfaction of service we provide. Customers are the most valuable resources for us. Without clients, fund ,technology and everything will become meaningless.
We hold strong responsibility for all clients using our products and services. We offer professional multi-level energy solutions and create new value through our service.

Responsibility to staff
We are responsible to our employees , the men and women work with us . Everyone must be considered as an individual. We must respect their dignity and recognize their merit. They must have a sense of security in their jobs. Compensation must be fair and adequate, and working conditions clean, orderly and safe. Employees must feel free to make suggestions and complaints. There must be equal opportunity for employment, development and advancement for those qualified. We must insist that we should let our employees develop with us together.
Our staff are the base of our organization . All our strategies and tactics must be implemented by person. Their enthusiasm of innovation and hard work make it possible to provide our clients considerate services and promote our own value.

Responsiblity to inverstors and partners
We must be responsible to all our investors and partners.We must try to realize new ideas and innovate new projects. We must introduce new equipments and offer new products. When we operate according to these principles, we will gain reliable profit and our investors should realize a fair return.

Responsibility to society
We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work and to the world community as well. We must be good citizens – support good works and charities and bear our fair share of taxes. We must encourage civic improvements and better health and education. We must maintain in good order the property we are privileged to use , protecting the environment and natural resources.

Mission & Value

The growing energy demand and the exhaustion of traditional resources are impacting the core issue of sustainable development of the world.  Runda group always pay close attention to the global climate change and regard clean energy as the key of environment protection and sustainable development of human. Solar energy is a main alternative energy with unlimited potential in those countries lack of electricity and lead to hysteretic education, research and economy. As citizens of the earth,  we rundas obligatory send our high efficiency and quality solar module to schools, community, hospitals and other nonprofit organization in these countries. When we change solar energy into a reliable power, meanwhile, we take them hope and kindheartedness with the sun.

I-V Curve

Our Company


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