M4 Mono PERC 5BB

Ming Hwei Energy Co., Ltd
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Tipo Cella: PERC
Fascia di Potenza: 5,501~5,707 Wp
Regione: Taiwan Taiwan
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● Resistenza 100% alla PID
● Classificazione ad alta precisione dell'efficienza della cella
● Controllo della corrente inversa e della resistenza allo shunt
● Criteri rigorosi per uniformità, aspetto e colore
● Ispezione 100% in linea per l'ottica

Caratteristiche del Prodotto

Numero Modello
5,501 5,527 5,552 5,578 5,604 5,63 5,656 5,682 5,707
Caratteristiche del Prodotto  
Tecnologia celle PERC
Diagonale 211±1 mm
Spessore Della Cella 180 ± 20 µm
Superfice (fronte) (-)  
Numero di Barre Collettrici 5
Larghezza della Barra Collettrice 0,7±0,1 mm
Materiale della sbarra collettrice Argento
Rivestimento Anti-Riflesso Nitruro di silicio
Superfice (retro) (+)  
Numero delle placche di saldatura 5
Larghezza delle Placche di Saldatura 1,7±0,1 mm
Materiale delle placche di saldatura Argento, Alluminio
Materiale superfice (retro) (BSF) Alluminio
Dati elettrici in condizioni standard  
Potenza Massima (Pmax)
5,501 W 5,527 W 5,552 W 5,578 W 5,604 W 5,63 W 5,656 W 5,682 W 5,707 W
Tensione alla Massima Potenza (Vmpp)
0,561 V 0,563 V 0,564 V 0,567 V 0,569 V 0,569 V 0,571 V 0,573 V 0,574 V
Corrente alla massima potenza (Impp)
9,805 A 9,817 A 9,845 A 9,837 A 8,849 A 9,894 A 9,906 A 9,917 A 9,943 A
Tensione a Vuoto (Voc)
0,664 V 0,665 V 0,667 V 0,668 V 0,669 V 0,67 V 0,67 V 0,671 V 0,671 V
Corrente di corto circuito (Isc)
10,424 A 10,438 A 10,446 A 10,45 A 10,457 A 10,463 A 10,468 A 10,481 A 10,49 A
Efficenza della Cella
21,3 % 21,4 % 21,5 % 21,6 % 21,7 % 21,8 % 21,9 % 22 % 22,1 %
Fattore di riempimento (FF)
79,47 % 79,62 % 79,69 % 79,9 % 71,97 % 80,31 % 80,65 % 80,8 % 81,08 %
Valutazioni di Temperatura  
Coefficiente di Temperatura di Pmax -0,37 %/˚C
Coefficiente di Temperatura di Voc -0,32 %/˚C
Coefficiente di Temperatura di Isc 0,05 %/˚C
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Product Features

● Uniform color and low breakage rate

● Laser doping selective emitter

● High conversion efficiencies resulting

● Suprior output power in any condition

● 100% inspected performance of products

● All products conform to the regulation of RoHS

● Excellent mechanical performance proven by all customers

● Regularly monitor product performance and soldering properties

● Less power deviation of modules ensured by precise matching of cells, sorted 100% in narrow current classes at constant test voltage



Ming Hwei Energy Co., Ltd

No. 23, Kejia Rd., Douliu City, Yunlin County 64057
Società Capogruppo: Tong Hwei Enterprise
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Ming Hwei Energy was invested by Tong Hwei Group, the leading manufacturer of stainless steel fasteners in Taiwan, who was founded in 1978 and its logo THE is well known as the best brand in stainless steel fasteners worldwide market. It’s noticed that more and more stainless steel fasteners produced by Tong Hwei Group are used in PV Solar Power Systems. In answer to the government’s policy of environment protection, Tong Hwei Group decided to step into solar power industry by investing Ming Hwei Energy Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2010, located at Douliu City, Yunlin County, Taiwan, Ming Hwei Energy has equipped with the best European brands facilities not only to be dedicated in the development and production of premium quality solar cells along with high conversion efficiency, on time delivery and competitive prices, but also to assure the achievement of production efficiency and quality control.

Since the 2nd quarter of 2013, Ming Hwei Energy has been striving to boost the output and efficiency. Ming Hwei plans to expand its production capacity in the coming years in order to achieve greater economies of scale. Ming Hwei Energy continuously works in providing state-of-the-art crystalline solar cells to module makers worldwide, and upgrades product efficiency and service quality. We simply believe that the long-term business relationship is based on mutual trust and benefit.

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