SkyPower Awarded 200MW of Solar PV Projects in India

Pubblicato su 07 ago 2015
SkyPower is pleased to announce that it has been awarded 200MW in the Telangana, India solar competitive tender process. SkyPower is very proud to be a part of this important initiative.

SkyPower considers India to be one of the key solar markets in the world that holds tremendous growth potential as is evident by the Government's commitment to rapidly increasing the country's electrification rate and helping to support and foster the growth of what clearly is a trillion dollar industry.

"India is leading the world in deploying solar, not only with its significant targets but by it very actions. It is truly an example for others to follow," said Kerry Adler, President and Chief Executive Officer of SkyPower Global.

SkyPower is thrilled to be part of ‎the fabric of India and plans to actively and competitively participate in various other states and processes in the months ahead.

source: SkyPower
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