Enphase Energy and MyLight Systems Form Strategic Partnership

Pubblicato su 27 feb 2015
Enphase  MyLight Systems 
Enphase Energy, Inc. today announced a strategic partnership agreement with MyLight Systems. Under the terms of the deal, the Enphase Envoy will be integrated into the MyLight monitoring system and will become the exclusive monitoring technology for the photovoltaic (PV) arrays embedded with MyLight's advanced energy management solution.

"MyLight Systems has developed a groundbreaking load management solution that optimizes users' energy production and consumption of solar power," said Olivier Jacques, managing director, EMEA, Enphase Energy. "Using Enphase technology, the MyLight system provides an efficient renewable energy solution that installers embrace because of its ease of installation and superior performance."

Solar PV arrays equipped with the Enphase system provide reliable solar energy production data that when coupled to the MyLight System enable smart energy monitoring capabilities that optimizes energy consumption. Through the use of a central control unit and smartplugs (energy management adaptors) installed inside a structure, MyLight's patented algorithms analyze a user's electricity consumption patterns and optimizes their energy usage to match their solar energy production profile.

"Enphase Energy has really made solar simpler and smarter, and PV arrays more accessible, opening up new ways for generating electricity locally," said Ondine Suavet, managing director of MyLight Systems. "On the utilization side, directly consuming the energy produced by one's own solar solution is the most natural choice for someone producing their own energy. Coupled with the Enphase Microinverter system, MyLight can deliver up to 70-80% autonomy for small businesses, and up to 50% for private individuals. This is an unparalleled value proposition for installers when estimating the financial and environmental benefits of a renewable energy system for their customers."

Based on a networked cloud-based platform, the Enphase/MyLight system will bring installers a new level of energy management integration for residential and commercial buildings. The turnkey plug-and-play solution is easy to design and install and simplifies operations. Installers can also take advantage of the MyLight ProSizer, a mobile application available on the iPhone and Android platform for rightsizing installations under a self-consumption scheme. The optimized Enphase/MyLight solution will be available to installers through MyLight Systems' specialized distribution network.

"We've been very successful with our consultative sales approach, which emphasizes customer education on energy transition and high-quality products for optimized self-consumption," said Jacques-Antoine Ferent, co-founder and managing director of Domuneo. "We spend time with our customers to help them understand that the combination of Enphase and MyLight lets them achieve greater energy autonomy and quality, while enhancing a fast return on their solar investment."

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