Photon Energy Donates PV Technology to Uganda

Pubblicato su 11 lug 2012
Photon Energy 

Photon Energy has participated in a charitable program facilitating electrification and water supply in a village in Uganda, thus delivering on its motto that "Clean energy must be for everyone."

Together with a partner organization from the Czech Republic, Photon Energy has donated two string inverters to be implemented into a small solar system in rural Uganda, which is aimed to automate a water pump that ensures supply of drinking water in the village and to electrify a guest house which provides partial funding for a local school.

Every day school children perform a routine procedure of delivering drinking water to the community. To do this, each child carries two 5-liter canisters full of water from the water pump to the school, covering a 450m distance under the scorching sun and climbing up an 80m high hill where the school is situated. Although relatively small, the newly built solar system will produce the electricity needed to fill a 2000-liter water reservoir within 8-10 hours using the abundant Ugandan sunlight.

The water reservoir will be installed by the end of this year, while at the moment the solar installation provides lighting for a guest house, which takes up a part of the local school. The revenues from renting it out to guests and tourists will be used to at least partially cover everyday costs of the school operations.

The solar system consists of 12 polycrystalline PV modules, 2 string inverters and 4 batteries to accumulate the electricity produced during the day to enable operations of the guest house during the night. Completed in May 2012, the solar system was festively put in operation by the Czech representatives who were warmly welcomed by the school principal surrounded by grateful boys and girls. A short video of the event is available here.

Such an initiative is in line with the philosophy behind Photon Energy which states that "clean energy must be for everyone." In the words of the company co-founder and CEO Georg Hotar, "it is a genuine pleasure to realize that we in Photon Energy have made achange in the lives of the Ugandan people and successfully tackled the challenge of water supply which the school children have been encountering every day. Not only has the solar system brought electricity to this remote village in Uganda, but it has also enlightened the community with many happy smiles."

Photon Energy is driven by the belief that energy must be accessible, clean, safe and affordable for everyone. "Our company believes that existing technologies for harnessing solar energy and other renewable energy sources, combined with energy storage solutions, enable everyone on the planet to have access to energy and thus, satisfy their basic human needs", concludes Hotar and promises that Photon Energy will actively pursue such initiatives that benefit societies worldwide.


source: Photon Energy
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