Singulus Presents Machines for the Production of PERC Solar Cells

Pubblicato su 13 set 2012
Singulus Technologies 

The Singulus Technologies (Singulus) continues to expand its activities in the Solar segment. Numerous product innovations will be presented at the 27th EU PVSEC. In order to make the manufacturing of silicon photovoltaic modules competitive, a further reduction of the production costs with an increase of the efficiency at the same time is required.

For the market of silicon solar cells Singulus presents a new production solution for rear side passivated silicon solar cells (e. g. PERC; Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell). This solution was developed especially for the upgrade of existing cell production lines. With an additional dielectric coating on the rear side electric and optical efficiency losses of the cells are reduced compared with the traditional cells. In particular, this technology is required for increasingly used very thin wafers in the future.

For the upgrade of a production line three additional production steps, which Singulus offers solutions for, are required. Before coating the rear side the cell is smoothed with a wet-chemical polish process in a LINEA II Single Side Etch Polish machine. The dielectric passivation layer is emitted in the ICP-PECVD machine SINGULAR. For the rear side contacts through a laser process, Singulus is closely cooperating with a partner. With the integration of these additional production steps into existing manufacturing lines PERC cells with levels of efficiency of up to 20% can be achieved.

In March 2012 the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hameln (ISFH) increased the conversion efficiency of screen-printed silicon solar cells in cooperation with Singulus from today's industry typical 18.5% to a record value of 20.1%. This was also confirmed by an independent measurement from the photovoltaics calibration laboratory of the Fraunhofer ISE (CalLab). An improved cell rear side with an ICP-AIOx/SiNy double layer (ICP: "inductively coupled plasma") enables this progress without "selective emitter" technology. 20.1% is one of the highest efficiencies worldwide reported for industrial type silicon solar cells with screen-printed metallization.


source: MetaCom Corporate Communications GmbH
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