Lightway Solar America Targets Residential Market as Approved Manufacturer for Sunnova

Pubblicato su 05 ago 2013
Lightway Green New Energy  Sunnova 
Aug. 2, 2013 - Lightway Solar America, the U.S. subsidiary of Lightway Green New Energy, has announced their addition as an approved provider of modules to Sunnova Energy Corporation. Lightway's network of installers and distributors, in partnership with Sunnova, will now be able to offer affordable solar power to homeowners in 18 states and US territories with no down payment and 25 years of price assurance backed by Sunnova's comprehensive system coverage. 

Lightway recently announced the launch of their Smart Module Series¸ black framed panels and the scheduled arrival of new panels to the U.S. market in Q4, 2013.

"In a residential market where 70 – 90% of solar systems are sold through lease financing, this partnership with Sunnova is a critical step for Lightway's entrance into the residential market that will allow our downstream distribution partners the ability to offer homeowners affordable electricity with ZERO out of pocket expenses resulting in savings from day one," says Peter Xie, CEO at Lightway Green New Energy Co., Ltd.

"Sunnova has high standards for our partners, both installers and equipment suppliers, and we are pleased to partner with Lightway due to their ability to provide bankable, high efficiency panels to support our long-term, low cost electricity option to homeowners," says Jordan Fruge, Sr. VP of Sales at Sunnova.

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