Solar Frontier Features Newest Panels at PV Japan

Pubblicato su 29 lug 2013
Solar Frontier 
July 23, 2013 -Solar Frontier will feature its two newest products at PV Expo in Japan this week: Solacis neo is s light glass substrate thin-film CIS module; SF170-S is a thin-film CIS module with an output of 170W. Currently, these products will be offered primarily in Japan.

Solacis neo is a slim, lightweight module using Solar Frontier's latest CIS technology. The module is just 6.5 mm thin and weighs only 8.0 kg. This constitutes a 40% reduction in weight from previous models. Manufacturing of this new product will begin at Solar Frontier's Miyazaki No.2 Plant in October 2013, with shipments scheduled to start in November.

The SF170-S is manufactured using cutting-edge technology at Solar Frontier's Kunitomi Plant in Miyazaki. CIS thin-film modules achieve high output through low-light abilities, low temperature co-efficient, increased initial output after initial exposure to sunlight, and resistance to partial shading.

Solar Frontier will also feature new mounting systems for residential use called Cross One mounting system for Solacis neo and SF series modules respectively. The new mounting system substantially reduces the number of mounting points needed to install CIS systems on roofs.

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