JA Solar Announces Results of 2013 Annual General Meeting

Pubblicato su 10 lug 2013
JA Solar 
July 9, 2013 - JA Solar today announced that the Company held its annual general meeting of shareholders on June 28, 2013, in Shanghai, China. All the proposals submitted to shareholders were approved.

Specifically, the shareholders approved:

1. The audited financial statements and the Reports of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for the year ended December 31, 2012;

2. The re-election of Mr. Yuwen Zhao as an independent director;

3. The appointment of Mr. Shaohua Jia as an independent director; and

4. The amendment of Article 2 of the Third Amended and Restated Articles of Association of the Company from "ADS, American Depositary Share, each representing one (1) share of US$0.0001 each in the capital of the Company." to "ADS, American Depositary Share, each representing five (5) shares of US$0.0001 each in the capital of the Company."

source: JA Solar
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