GSL Energy Supplies 8KW Solar Battery Storage System for Coffee Farm in Uganda

Pubblicato su 23 feb 2023
GSL Energy 
Market research results show that the solar PV market growth potential in Uganda is promising (UOMA, 2018). Opportunities within the solar PV sector are underlined by the government’s ambitious target to increase electricity supply to 80% by 2040.

So, GSL ENERGY announced that they provided AIO (All in One) solar energy storage system with LiFePO4 lithium-ion batteries and a solar hybrid inverter to customers in Uganda. Feedback from the market has also been good, and the following is a good example to follow.

Mr.Geoffrey is a coffee farmer looking for a complete solar system for his coffee farm. After two weeks of detailed discussions, their sales manager was able to offer Mr. Geoffrey a satisfactory solution: the GSL AIO (All-in-one) solar energy storage system.

The sales manager confirmed with Mr. Geoffrey the amount of electricity required by the coffee estate, calculated the product load to meet the electricity consumption; determined the layout of the solar layout according to the size of the roof; the angle of the light and the duration of the light; gave the type of product to match the type of electricity grid used by the estate and provided Mr. Geoffrey a mutually satisfactory solution based on the cost breakdown of all aspects. solution. The product list is as follows:

1pcs * 8Kw solar mounting rack
18pcs * mono 450W highly efficient solar panels
1pcs * Smart hybrid (on-off) grid solar inverter with wifi,230V SINGLE PHASE
3pcs * 10.24Kwh GSL wall batteries
1 set * solar cables, tools, connectors, combiner boxes

Mr. Geoffrey shares this professional and nice installation. It is happy to see that power shortage will NO longer be a problem for them. He also plans to add more GSL storage batteries in the near future.

The results also show that supply-side gaps constitute the largest proportion of Uganda's household electricity supply deficit. This means that these households may be willing and able to pay but lack supply, so these households constitute the immediate market potential for solar PV systems. To solve the problem of insufficient power supply, solar companies like GSL energy will target unserved households by providing them with appropriate systems/products and innovative business models to meet their needs.

It seems GSL will become more and more popular in Africa, which helps to make more and more contributions to the development of green energy in Africa.

source: GSL Energy
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