GSL Energy Supplies Lifepo4 Storage Systems to the Caribbean

Pubblicato su 17 nov 2022
GSL Energy 
GSL Energy lithium-ion battery and solar hybrid inverters are widely recognized by numerous customers in the Caribbean. This is a particularly true for Jamaica and Puerto Rico, where the region has an unstable grid power condition due to prolonged storms and rainy weather.

At the same time, the Caribbean region has an abundance of solar energy sources. The Caribbean's tropical climate, sunny weather, and proximity to the equator lead to long days of high-intensity sunlight. The rising cost of fuel heightens the price of traditional power sources which makes solar an environmentally and fiscally responsible choice for the residents as well as business owners.

Here are 2 projects of solar power energy storage systems provided by GSL Energy. The first project is in Jamaica. Mr. Jimmy, a client from GSL Energy, purchased 2 units of 48V 200Ah 10Kwh LiFePO4 wall-mounted lithium batteries and 2 units of 48V DEYE hybrid solar inverters to build up his own personal power plant for home solar energy storage. The second one is an installation photo shared by Mr. Alex, a solar installer from Puerto Rico. GSL Energy provided him OEM Powerwall lithium batteries with his brand name. He installed the GSL battery together with DEYE hybrid inverter for his local customer. Now the system is perfectly running and supplying continuous electricity to home appliances.

Why local customers and solar installer in Caribbean choose GSL Energy? One reasons is that GSL's batteries and solar systems are able to provide not only the high-quality and long lifespan lithium batteries on the market (the life cycle of GSL Battery can reach 6,500-8,500), but also the appropriate warranty and after-sales service.

GSL Energy was established in 2006 and has been deeply involved in LiFPO4 batteries for over decades. It has entered the Caribbean solar market since 2017 and has won wide recognition from local consumers with its proven product and market service experience.

source: GSL Energy
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