JA Solar and PNS Expand Cooperation to 100MW

Pubblicato su 04 ago 2022
JA Solar recently announced that its cooperation with Power n Sun (PNS) reached over 100MW in the first half of 2022. The progress is remarkable considering the two companies only started their collaboration last year, recording exceptional volumes in the developing Middle East and South Asia PV markets.

With the purpose of promoting the application of distributed solar PV products in the target markets, the two companies established a cooperation relationship in 2021. Through PNS's distribution channels, over 100MW of JA Solar's DeepBlue 3.0 PV modules were sold in the South Asia and the Middle East regions. The two PV markets are widely believed to have huge potential based on their abundant solar resources.

JA Solar's signature product - DeepBlue 3.0 - has integrated multiple advanced PV technologies and gained worldwide recognition. As awareness of carbon neutrality continues to increase around the globe, countries in the Middle East and South Asia regions are also embracing the trend. As industry leaders in the manufacturing and distribution of PV products, JA Solar and PNS are expected to make the most advanced and reliable PV modules such as DeepBlue 3.0 available to local customers, helping them to get ahead of the curve and benefit greatly during the process of moving towards the goal of carbon neutrality, further promoting the development of the PV industry in the region.

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