Antaisolar Offered Solar Racking for 26MW Solar Plant in Cambodia

Pubblicato su 16 nov 2021
Antaisolar announced that one 26MW utility scale solar plant in Cambodia is scheduled to be grid connected at the end of 2021.

The solar farm is located in located in Bavet, a special economic zone on the border gate between Cambodia and Vietnam, about 150 kilometers from the capital, Phnom Penh. In consideration of economic and reliability, Antaisolar engineers work on to provide steel solar structure with concrete foundation.

In order to guarantee the smooth process of the entire work, Antaisolar technical supporting team came on site to provide installation guidance for nearly three weeks, which largely make it easier and faster for whole installation.

The client spoke highly of Antaisolar’s service to meet the special needs of grounding and bonding of solar plant and quick response throughout the entire installation.

At present, the development of solar energy in Cambodia is in its infancy. In 2020, solar power generation only account for 3.4% of the total domestic power supply, there exists great untapped potential for solar power.

The local area has suffered from power shortages. In an effort to meet the growing demand for electricity and improve the reliability of Cambodia’s power supply, Antaisolar will continue to provide efficient solar racking solution with localization service and contribute to the development of local solar energy.

source: Antaisolar
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