Hoymiles Showcases Latest High-Powered Microinverter Line-up at SNEC 2021

Pubblicato su 09 giu 2021
Hoymiles Power Electrics Inc. showcased its full line-up of microinverters designed for high-power solar panels, as well as Hoymiles Gateway DTU-Pro-S, a data transfer unit featuring Sub-1Ghz wireless connectivity for greater reliability, at SNEC PV Power Expo 2021 in Shanghai, China.

"After years of continued product developments and improvements, we are excited to unveil our latest high-powered microinverter solutions, which once again put Hoymiles at the forefront of the PV industry in addressing the demands of the industry to increase efficiency, lower costs and expand the applicability of microinverters in industrial and commercial scenarios," said Zhang Xingyao, Product Manager of Hoymiles.

The products presented at the Expo include:

•HMS-2000: Built from ground up for high-power solar modules, the 4-in-1 microinverter features maximum output power of up to 2000VA, a new benchmark for the industry. Independent MPPT and monitoring allow for higher energy harvests and streamlined maintenance, while the support of Sub-1Ghz wireless solution offers more robust communications stability.

•HMS-1000: 2-in-1 microinverter that comes equipped with identical features and output power up to 1000VA.

•HMS-500: 1-in-1 microinverter that comes equipped with identical features and output power up to 500VA.

•HMT-2250: A pioneer, the latest three-phase microinverter with reactive power control can be widely used in general 230V/400V three-phase electric power distribution and supports connection of 6 PV modules.

•Hoymiles Gateway DTU-Pro-S: Data transfer unit that works seamlessly with S-Miles Cloud and supports Sub-1Ghz wireless solution.

"Our technological breakthroughs allow us to boost the maximum DC input current of a single-phase microinverter by up to 22 per cent to 14A, making Hoymiles the first to provide a microinverter system solution that perfectly accommodates 182mm high-power PV modules. Meanwhile, in our latest efforts to expand the applicability and compatibility of the module-level inverter, Hoymiles developed the world's first three-phase microinverter to feature reactive power control, which greatly enables the microinverter to be deployed in a wider range of application scenarios," said Zhao Yi, Deputy General Manager and Director of R&D Center of Hoymiles.

"With quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in mind, all our new products are designed to significantly improve the operating performance of the system and reduce the cost of electricity per kilowatt-hour, making sure our customers benefit from lower costs while enjoying the unmatched efficiency of our products," he added.

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