LG Chem and SolarEdge Strengthen its Partnership to Offer Home Backup Solution

Pubblicato su 13 ott 2020
LG Chem  SolarEdge Technologies 
LG Chem has strengthened its partnership with global inverter manufacturer SolarEdge to offer the most advanced home backup solution to date with training for installers. By pairing an LG RESU10H with SolarEdge's new inverter (Energy Hub), homeowners will be able to stay turned on even when the power grid is down, where they can connect to a generator for even more power.

With the increased nationwide threat of fires and outages, demand has risen dramatically across the country and led to a limited supply of reliable battery and storage products. This is especially true in California where battery incentives are at an all-time high. For homeowners and installers that may not know where to turn, this news could not come at a better time: "We are very proud of our collaboration with SolarEdge which offers consumers peace of mind through the highly impressive Energy Hub, especially now that it is harder to find," said Linh Tran, Director of Sales, LG Chem's Residential ESS.

Outshine with Energy Hub and LG Chem: The power of Energy Hub and LG Chem is coming together to offer homeowners a long list of added benefits:
  • Stay turned on with advanced home backup, connect to a generator for days of power
  • Maximize savings with 90.8% efficiency through DC coupling
  • Go as big as you want with energy and power stacking: up to 60kWh
  • See and save with built-in consumption monitoring
  • Drive on Sunshine by connecting to our Smart EV Charger and charge on 100% stored solar
  • Be future ready with pre-configured EV charger connection ports 
Installers to get schooled by LG Chem and SolarEdge with Enhanced Training

Get to know the battery's key features and design at LG Chem's online university, which offers a specialized web-based training session for installers. And sign up at SolarEdge's EDGE Academy today to learn more on how to sell and install Energy Hub quickly and efficiently through a slate of interactive modules.

"Solar needs have changed," adds Peter Mathews, General Manager North America. "More and more homeowners are asking about home backup, or the ability to charge an EV when the grid is down, for example. By coming together with the talent at LG Chem on our newest inverter – which also offers EV charging, remote monitoring, and add-on capabilities – Energy Hub customers can be ready for anything now, or when the time is right for them."

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