Tesvolt to Build One GWh Battery Storage Facility in Germany

Pubblicato su 09 mag 2019
Tesvolt is working to establish new production facilities for lithium storage systems with an annual production capacity of over 1GWh. Innovations in the production process ensure that the storage systems can be both flexibly and efficiently mass produced. Tesvolt is financing its multimillion-euro investment in the gigafactory without any outside funding, while the EU will lend its support merely to finance around 10 percent of the production line costs. The new production line, warehouse and offices will be fully supplied with solar energy.

The first phase of renovation yielding 12,000 sqm of floor space will be finished in June, and by the final phase, annual production will have reached over one GWh in an area of 20,000 sqm. By then, it is estimated that the number of employees will have risen from today's 60 to between 100 and 120. 

"The world market for stationary energy storage systems has already reached a total capacity of 16GWh. Europeans are calling for an end to harmful coal-fired power plants and diesel scandals. They want a future free of environmental disasters," says Daniel Hannemann, who founded Tesvolt five years ago with partner Simon Schandert. "We want the gigafactory to be our contribution to reaching this goal, making clean and affordable energy possible anywhere in the world."

The building complex will also house the new office spaces, which are set to be occupied in June. "Our new office layout reflects this — a generous, open floorplan complemented with many collaboration spaces and quiet zones. We want everyone to feel comfortable here. For us, that is work 2.0," says co-founder Simon Schandert. "We don't want to mindlessly process; we want to create innovative solutions. The agile organization makes us more efficient, enabling us to better respond to the rapidly changing battery market." 

source: Tesvolt
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