Panasonic and Mecasolar Announce Partnership in India

Pubblicato su 17 set 2018
Panasonic (Sanyo)  Mecasolar 
Mecasolar announced its further expansion in India with a major new cooperation with Anchor Electricals Pvt. Ltd. The two companies are forming a new strategic partnership.

Mr. Dinesh Aggarwal, JMD of Anchor by Panasonic India says, "India is on an ambitious path of adding renewable energy, especially Solar, wherein from 2.63GW installed capacity in 2014 has increased to 22GW at present, an eight fold increase. It has taken on an objective of achieving 175GW by Year 2022. We would like to be an integral part of this growth by enhancing the efficiency of power generation in every possible way. Solar Tracker is very cost effective way of achieving such an efficiency and our association with Mecasolar, a global leader of Tracking Systems will help us serve India it's energy needs. With Mecasolar, our Customers will be assured of a highly reliable product with a proven technology and high quality standards."

In his turn, Mr. Alexandros Giannis, CEO of Mecasolar stated: "We are truly proud to establish this production and distribution hub in India together with Anchor by Panasonic. Indian market and the surrounding regions constitute an exceptional area of interest for us and we could not imagine a more visionary approach than the synergy created with Anchor by Panasonic."

source: Mecasolar
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