Solar Alliance Signs Agreement for US$3.5 Million Solar Project in Los Angeles

Pubblicato su 18 ago 2017
Solar Alliance Energy 
Solar Alliance Energy Inc. has signed an agreement for the design and construction of an approximately US$3,500,000 commercial solar project in Los Angeles.

"Solar Alliance has taken a prudent, professional approach to the development of our commercial division and this agreement is the result of many months of work," said Chairman and CEO Jason Bak. "We are committed to building relationships with commercial property owners and developers in order to illustrate the financial benefits of solar. This project will save the building owners an estimated US$20,000,000 in electricity costs over the life of system and it illustrates the exciting growth prospects for Solar Alliance in the virtually untapped commercial solar sector."

"The signing of this commercial solar project agreement comes at a perfect time, as we work our way through the acquisition of Aries Solar, LLC," concluded Bak. "Aries is an established turn-key commercial solar energy solution provider with industry experts that focus on engineering, procurement, and construction needs. This commercial project in L.A. and the Aries acquisition set the stage for increasing growth in commercial solar sales."

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