JA Solar Supplies Modules for 50MW Solar Plant in Malaysia

Pubblicato su 13 lug 2017
JA Solar 
JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. announced that it won the contract to supply 50MW(AC) of modules for the country's utility-scale solar project in Malaysia.

SPIC Energy Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. provided EPC service for the project. JA Solar provides 50MW(AC) of Percium mono module. With all modules provided by JA Solar, the project is under construction and expected to be completed by the end of 2017. 

Mr. Cao Bo, JA Solar's Vice President commented, "We are excited to partner with one of our largest customers, SPIC, again in an overseas market. We believe this win demonstrates our value proposition and technical innovation with high-performance solar modules. We have invested USD163 million in our Penang, Malaysia manufacturing operation to produce poly and mono cells with the annual capacity of 1000MW. From the China-Malaysia relationship standpoint, investing in manufacturing facilities and sharing our technical expertise in Malaysia, a rapidly growing market, remains our top priority. Additionally, we look forward to serving our global partners and customers by providing the highest-quality solar products and services."

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