KACO New Energy Partners with Microcare

Pubblicato su 14 giu 2017
KACO  Microcare 
The South African office of KACO new energy GmbH opened in 2013. Christoph Heinermann, CEO of KACO new energy Africa (Pty) Ltd., recently entered into a strategic partnership with local manufacturer Microcare. The new collaboration is opening up further opportunities for growth in South Africa for KACO new energy, and helping strengthen the German inverter manufacturer's presence on the African continent, south of the Sahara.

"We carefully evaluated the partnership options, and chose Microcare as the best partner for us," says Christoph Heinermann. "We see the benefits of this collaboration in further improving our services and in the continued expansion of the "Commercial Roofs" segment, as well as in the Residential sector for the South Africa region. For the rest of the sub-Saharan regions, we want to strengthen our provision of stand-alone photovoltaic systems. In other words, we will offer better access to electricity for villages and farms that are not connected to the power grid, by expediting solar power storage. In doing so, we support the need to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, which are frequently used for power generation in regions remote from the grid."

Heinermann continues: "Through this collaboration with Microcare, we can now cover the entire spectrum of technical solutions and services. We see this new partnership providing great opportunities for both parties and for the spread of solar PV in Africa."

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KACO (Componenti): https://it.enfsolar.com/kaco
Microcare (Componenti): https://it.enfsolar.com/microcare
KACO (Materiali): https://it.enfsolar.com/kaco
Microcare (Prodotti ad Energia Solare): https://it.enfsolar.com/microcare
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