Avancis & Sunpartner Technologies Sign Partnership Agreement for the BIPV Market

Pubblicato su 21 set 2016
AVANCIS  Sunpartner 
Sunpartner Technologies and Avancis announced their strategic partnership in energy-producing solar glass based on Avancis' CIGS thin-film technology. These thin-film cells will be used in Sunpartner's semi-transparent WYSIPS® Design-Glass for the construction and use in smart city markets.

Ludovic Deblois, President of Sunpartner, says: "For Sunpartner, it is essential to be able to count on strong partners who are globally recognized. Avancis develops and produces leading-edge thin-film CIGS PV modules that have some of the best performances on the market. In fact, they have been certified by TÜV, Fraunhofer ISE and other recognized certification bodies. We share the same vision of smart city concept of tomorrow that incorporates connectivity and community, in which renewable energies drive changes. Avancis has been smart in adapting developments in the solar market by positioning themselves very early in BIPV, which are growing strongly in Europe and around the world. We have already planned several new R&D ideas to explore at their R&D centers in Germany."

"Sunpartner Technologies has an extensive experience in energy generating glass. After more than two years of intensive collaboration together, we are pleased to co-operate with an innovative partner with whom we complete decisively our product portfolio for solar facades on a new technological base", adds Dr. Franz Karg, CEO of AVANCIS. "Thus, in addition to our existing colored architects panels, we will be able to provide basic products for semi-transparent surfaces such as insulating facades, double facades and skylights, too."

source: Sunpartner
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