Risen Energy's Net Income Reaches 320 Million RMB in 2015

Pubblicato su 01 mar 2016
Risen Energy 
Risen Energy released 2015 annual report on Feb. 23, 2016. It shows that company's sales revenue reaches 5.26 billion RMB, increased 78.15% compared to the last year. The net income reaches 320 million RMB, increased 381.56% compared to the last year. Moreover, Risen Energy released 2016 Q1 report preview and predicts Risen Energy's net income can reach 160 million to 170 million RMB.

From the 2015 annual report, we can know the sales volume of PV module is 1246.04MW in 2015 in Risen Energy. The solar power stations are 547MW, including designing, constructing and getting grid license by the end of 2015. Now the oversea solar power stations are in Italy, Germany, Romania, Mexico, India and others. Domestic solar power stations are in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hubei, Henan, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and others. The patterns include EPC, BT, BOT and others.

In R&D, Risen Energy increased investment in 2015. Cell and PV modules get many patents and the product conversion efficiency has reached good result. The highest power reaches 280W of conventional PV module whose size is 1650*992. Conversion efficiency of poly solar cell breaks 19.00% and PV module breaks 17.00%. 1 year reduction rate is less than 2% and 25 years is less than 19.2%.

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