Suntech Provides 8.5MW of Solar Panels to the Philippines

Pubblicato su 31 dic 2015
Suntech Power 
Suntech has announced today that the completed 8.5MW solar farm located in Valenzuela City is now fully operational. Suntech has provided 32,000 panels to support this project.

"We're very excited to have contributed to one of the largest urban projects in the Philippines," says president of Suntech, Victor Xiong. "Suntech's weather-resistant modules are perfectly suited for the Philippine's hot and humid climate, providing optimal daylight power generation. The completion of this project is the perfect way to transition into 2016. This project parallels Suntech's vision to promote energy independence and sustainability, while helping to create jobs. We hope to work with other municipalities in the country in order to help promote a clean energy future in the Philippines."

The 8.5MW solar plant was inaugurated in late November and is intended to be sold to Manila Electric Co. The newly functioning solar field is supported by Suntech's STP260-20/Wem 60 cell polycrystalline module. The operating solar farm is expected to generate approximately 11,379MWh of electricity, providing power to roughly 17,614 households, offsetting approximately 5,473 tons of carbon emissions per year.

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